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Hi Dev, Could you please help me where I can change the Vibration Intensity changing option in the app? Good

How come I can't get to app manager? Do I really need a rooted device? -_- ̄へ ̄ Go well

Well.. Its fine but it frequently "checking requirements " then Says " need a rooted device " well im rooted thou Worth it!

A great root app. King Root didnt work for me so I tried this app and its much better! Highly Recommend.

Wow this is amazing app en I dedicate it all friends and family thanks the developer coz I can't miss en enjoying of this app maximum Respect @EdsonSnoogy representing Uganda Marvelous

Device Control. I like this app. Its well laid out. Very functional. But it doesnt work properly. The values i set just wont stick. Everytime i go into the app the setting have reset back to how they were. If it wont work properly ill have to uninstall. Its a shame because i do like the app. Can only rate 3 stars. Omg

I have to reset the vibration strength everytime I reboot my phone Is it a bug or what, can you fix it? Surprisingly

When my phone was on Android 6 the program were working perfectly, but after Android 7 update I can't do anything. Worth a go!

I invite it 0 questions just give me alone time because I am working on a better 1 Cool

Some values don't stick on my Z5 Compact (VM values , I/O readahead, GPU governor..). Also, when I touch back sometimes it takes me to the main menu, sometimes it wants to exit. Maybe make it take you to the main menu once you are in any of the submenus? I like the style of the app and if you fix these and maybe add LMK control... It would be a perfect 5/5 :D Brilliant

Great for CPU tweaking, It'd be great to have CPU profiling for quick switching. I.E: Performance and battery saving Just wow

Device Control. Decent app. Does make a difference to my phone when.other apps dont. One thing i would like is descriptions on what some of the settings actually do. You need a little bit of knowledge to use this app to its full potential. Overall a good app. Not bad

69/10 but there is a problem.I switch on the "Enable keys backlight"(which is supposed to keep your backlit keys on when your screen is on.),then i switch off my screen and my backlit keys are still on,what is up.PLZ hear me out its a nice feature Great job

The system app(s); it's always backed up somehow but device control fully gets the control of them... and they're never seen again; not even after doing factory reset.. Thanks ! Highly Recommend.

hey developer, is there any way to enable mobile network(calling feature) in a demo phone? please help Worth a go!

good tool for rooted devices.Device Control took the place of two applications enabling me to free up some space. wow lol

DAMN, test not installed this app, play game (low) under30 fps and freeze ,after installed cpu to performance and.. BOOM game (high) run smooth!! thanks!!!!!! Works perfectly

Simple, Works well with minimal glitches(values not sticking after reset/idle for long periods)... Honestly, a well rounded device configuration environment. love it

Good app but be VERY careful. I made one tiny mistake and ultimately had to factory reset. NoobieTroubles. Pretty good

1) Give quick action to switch cpu governor... really need it! 2) The app usually closes and don't run in background, hence tasker don't work, fix this please... Fix above 2 ... Thankyou... Recommend

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