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What I hate about the game is that I can not change the number of my car's please fix this problem it has given me a very hard time finding the place where that is.hope you will fix that. love it

bash other cars in demolition game to win the basic match,......!!?!!!!!!!+)@[email protected]:-D!!!!!. Marvelous

I love this game! But how in the world do u get more colors I mean I like the colors can you add more please? wow lol

Cars should spin out less when turning. There should be more colors, tracks, and cars Must have

Love the game would like to see dirt fly when push down on the gas And car parts flying around Surprisingly

Can you put it back on play store so I can get it on a tablet it is fun and funny.plz bring it back can you please fix the nitro I did not work at al. Only in the test drive if so put a help bottom and ell how to use it and get it please. Well done!!

Fun little demo derby game. For those confused as to how to win, avoid head on crashes, aim to hit stopped/slow moving cars in the side, that seems to work for me. Not bad

Can you put it back on play store so I can get it on a tablet it is fun and funny.plz bring it back Surprisingly

Cool game need more Cars and tracks enjoy playing it. Looking forward to updates. Go well

Good A good game but a small glitchwith the free vid so you dont have to watchto get money just click it and press the x button and you get a free $1000 Awesome

And we have a winner!!!!!! One of the best demo games i have played . one suggestion. Put some distance betwwen the accelerator and the brake. My thumbs are too big ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha great game Omg


LG-VK700 Tablet Great. Please add 360 view. Can't see around when standing still. Can I buy to get rid of ads? More tracks please. More old from the 40's and 50's. 1950 Merc comes to mind. are too short. Maybe make damage to cars less to increase game time. 5 star

Not bad... It's a fun game I enjoy playing it. It could use a few things tho. 1st the controls are a little slow feeling. 2nd I would like it more if you could customize your cars a little more other than that I enjoy the game a lot. Keep up the good work guys. Just wow

Powerful functions

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