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For those who don't know you can change the speed of your crosshairs under options. Just pause then options then set. The only problem (please fix) is whenever you change your zoom level it resets....:( Recommend

Defense Effect Free. Fantastic game and I'm loving it. Shooting those Jeeps and thanks and being blown away is so cool.This is an awesome game and I will rate this game a five stars***** Well done!!

It's a good tower defense but you can't sell your weapons to get more money or just to get rid of the weapon Works perfectly

I love this game. Only the problem is some time gun start shaking between playing. Not bad

Im a navy vet The realism of having to lead your target is awsome ..good game and you dont need real money to advance Worth a go!

Unique game...Trying to read and understand the subtext is like going to a foreign doctor who you just can't understand. Muito bom!

Unspeakable Awesomness Very good game and all but please add more weapons and other perks and the developers should add a zombie mode Brilliant

Maybe ok Ur game is very interesting. But game button should be editted ex.size, position etc. And now i have to say goodbye to ur game .thx Worth a go!

Crosshair sensitivity fixed! Great game. Update is good. Have not come across any bugs. Control sensitivity is no longer an issue. Update has fixed everything. Only one small problem is the bunker wall moves with the gun in the first area. Looks odd. Gun should move independently of bunker. Everything else is great. Thanks devs. Any new levels coming in the near future?

Amazing Hey just to help u guys out if u can make it to where u get like 5000 coins for rating alot more people will rate it and when we change the settings can u make it to where it will stay the way we changed it that will be alot of help but tjis is a really awsome game thank u for creating it

This game pushes the rest out of the way It's great and simple. Other games aren't like this, others are arcade feel and looks. This one makes you feel like you're controlling mini drones in actual combat. Le gusta

Fun game So liking the game. I am biased towards fps/tower defense games so this works for me

Long range cam The old version had a monitor that shows blurry image of the crosshair, and now its gone. That cam was cool, it'd be great if that cam return

Not too shabby So far,so what? I don't mean to be untrusting,but too many games I've played lately start great and before long, you either have to fork out CASH or you can no longer play. So far,this one hasn't pulled that...yet. Will re-review later, thanks

So far so good Worth downloading. Nice time killer. My only complaint would be clunky controls. Must have

Cool shooting game with chance to upgrade weapons. Just wow

Good game a very different perspective of tower defence games. Worth it!

Weapons and upgrades give the real feel of war game play. Pretty good

aiming and shooting sucks i will unistall this game now. i tried to change the horizontal and vertical aiming but still it sucks. the aim button must not be stationary. atleast make it the entire left side of the screen. the shooting button sucks also. i tapped onces it did not respond right away

Nice It is good game just one think when you move the gun around it is a bit slow but other than that its a good game. Good

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