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Great App . But needs a little bit of improvement as there are no new cards that have been added to CR such as bats, night witch and skeleton barrel. Please make an update and add these cards. Otherwise for lower arenas (below 8) it is a good app. Cool

I have cards that don't show up on the app, so I don't think it is very accurate. The decks I have used have worked out fairly well though. Need an updated version and rating would be better. Brilliant

I lost every match with my decks so I downloaded this and the decks worked like a charm! Only one problem: on the thing that says my cards I properly levelled all my cards but did n/a on every legendary since I'm arena 8 and have no legendary but it still gives me decks with legendaries. Please fix this and i will give 5 stars Omg

I'm in the legendary arena with +3800 trophies. This app recommends decks containing cards that are level 1 (I have never upgraded), which means it doesn't factor in level of cards AT ALL and makes the tedious task of telling the app every cards level absolutely useless. Not only this, but the app is behind on card releases. PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX Worth it!

Not as up to date as should be. Recommends garbage decks as the app uses its own database of decks rather than making use of your high leveled cards and good combos. Use proshop or look for a meta deck and level up those cards. Perfect

Good app but needs an update. It doesn't even have all the cards that are in the game. Surprisingly

It's a good app. It helped me learn how to use certain cards and the decks it recommended got me to arena 9. However, it has not been updated since Feb 2017. Update is way past due. Until it's updated I recommend to discontinue use. Must have

You have to click calculate based on your cards otherwise you'll get decks you cant use. The My Cards feature needs to be on all your apps much like the "decks" is cross app. Good

Amazing app. I won a giant chest with one of the decks!! I lost my first battle with it cus i laged BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I LOVE THE APP!!!!!! Just wow

This app is amazing extremely helpful it actually helps me go up in arenas quickly although I do have a request that the creator can put in videos of how to use the deck or specific group of cards Fabulous!

Why 4? Because this app is less necessary but really good for you if you want to know good decks without searching on Google or other search engines. Go well

I repent for waste of time of the developer of the app as they worked hard to create such a showpiece in the play store that doesn't even has the least usefulness. 5 star

It's a very good and helpful app but there are cards that are not in the app maybe because they came out recently but you need to update it and put the new cards in Must have

Do u all know that u hve made annn AWESOMMEEEE VERYYYYY HELPFULLLL APP YEHE.I have downloaded all ur CR apps.Google should make u top developers. Muito bom!

Great but you have missing cards like Battle Ram and Goblin Gang and you do not care about player inventory (Have Lumberjack in Arena 7 and cannot get Lumberjack decks). Please improve and I MIGHT rate 5 Stars. 5 star

Give us choice (some people want to look for baby dragon or minion decks) and add more X bow decks. also let us choose up to 3 cards to help us find different pairings. Other than this it is a very helpful app Go well

This app is a very useful tool for CR. It provides great decks, tips and strategies. I get all my decks from it. I would totally recommend this app to other CR players! Perfect!

I like this app its very helpful, but I want to make a deck with battle ram because I recently got it and can't seem to find it in the card list you provide, could you please add it in if you haven't?? Just wow

Best app ever i seen in the world. I didn't lost a battle with the deck it had told me. I loved this appplz download it and see. Great job

Please add Bandit, Goblin Gang, Heal, Night Witch and Battle Ram. And Arena 11 decks. Its way too old now Awesome

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