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The best theme ever You should download go luncher z before you downloade this app Marvelous

Pretty awesome! Also if you don't have a specific launcher, then it might not work... Cool

This is there best theme ever I've been looking for something more much like my personality but there only issue is that it crashes and I don't even have a problem with space on my phone so I don't know why wow lol

Since the last update the default font color is a bright green instead of white. Changing the color in the settings works for every color except white, which is displayed as this weird green. Restarting the phone didn't work. Submitting feedback through the app doesn't work as well. You can barely read anthing this way =/ Great job

Reasonable Not able to change app icon. Icons for skype, viber, google+, phone and internet remain the same. Works great

Decent It's a decent theme, has professional looking, custom designed apps to fit the theme. Surprisingly

Galaxy S7 Go SMS Pro is my #1 messaging application, I've been a VIP member for four years now and I have always been pleased. Thank you GO SMS!!! love it

Menu in the home screen not there In the beginning when I installed this I used to get menu button in the home screen so that it would take me to the apps if I click on it. Now all of a sudden that button is not there. Please fix this. Pretty good

So Styless App This decent them of the go launcher is too much good and. nice and speedest app and theme this app is so good. Worth it!

It's nice. Yes it's great but how can I apply or use the wallpaper? Coz I could only used one. Well done!!

Nice smooth graphic platform and seems to have a pretty good interface with the GO Launchers Prime. Great job

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