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It's a great game I really love it would rate it better but can I get some info on when season 4 is to be expected? I mean it's blocked me from upgrading my cars and everything till season 4 that's stupid I can still run challenges and earn money why can't I upgrade the new cars in buying please fix this. Awesome

I like it but i want to know how many seasons in it . I completed 3 seasons but next one not coming . Any one reply pls ? Marvelous

Would've been a three star, but, this movie with Jason Statham is one of my favorites. The fact, in itself, that you tried to recreate something so tricky and awesome, is what tops this off. Other than that, the game freezes and glitches majorly. I would blame my phone, but in the same hand, this is the only game/app I have downloaded at the moment. And yesterday, I had 3-4 400 mb games give or take with subtle glitches or freezes. Marvelous

Season 1 to season 3 is so easy. I recommend genera games to produce more seasons on the new update Great job

I really love this game. Pleas add more cars and seasons. I tell my friends to play this game and they love it. Fantastic

Overall the game is good ....plz do some work and it's as racing game add race tracks's boring ....and game is short plz add race tracks will be more fun ...tqq buddies.. Enjoy it!

I've never beat a Google play game till this one it's too short of 3 levels which really sucks but the rest of the game is fun Perfect

Nice game. But I play only 2 season season is unavailable..why? Is that any update?? Awesome

Its quite fun but has alot of issues with the navigator shooting and also should add Extra seasons soon it becomes useless on the games and challenges esspecilly if the car is at tier 4but damn boring after a while though fun at the beginning , Well done!!

It's completely ultimate action game...It's completely good... But some minor bugs and completed all levels. Pretty good

The game is very nice. But finished the game in less than 1 month. U should have made the game a bit bigger. Overall the game is awesome. Love it. But I will delete it. Now Brilliant

The game is very very gud I give it 5 star and I enjoy it very much bt black cars only plz do something gyz about it plz plz Perfect!

Waiting for update... need different endings as very reptative and also taking too long to update but will change to 5 stars Just wow

This game was amazing and their graphics are phenomenal play this game this game are awesome Muito bom!

Graphics could've become better. Controls are good but a lot of time the navigator doesn't fire heavy weapon even if I hold the aim for a very long time Just wow

It's a very good game but I don't like the fact that the light's goes off whilst you playing. Please guy's can you make the lights not to go off stay on for as long you in the game. It will be better if the phone lights don't go off when the game is running Perfect!

Game is nice but since it is death race u should have made even to race not just fight but both racing and fighting Well done!!

این یازی برگرفته از یک فیلم سینمایی بسیار زیبا هستش.. عالی بود Surprisingly

The only thing I don't like about it is that it has bad shooting controls Good game though Recommend

این مرده بازی کنه یه فیلم مه بنامه مسابقه مرگ این مرد تو زندان بسیار بزرگ دریای هستن ریس زندان میگه باید مسابقه بدی تا آزاد شی از این فیلم بازی ساختن این ((فیلم بسیار باحاله ببیند)) Worth it!

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