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One major niggle Does the job, but no option to display the date in standard non- US format (dd/mm/yyyy). Fix this and you'll be worth SIX stars. Surprisingly

Functional Great app for OCD people like me. Many features, though lacking a bit of polish. Still worthy of 5 stars for a free app.

Question Only icon shows up on my home page. Not sure how to get bubbles with "days since". Any idea? Thanks.

Easy clean setup. But it doesn't count Monday to Monday as 1 week, looks like the total for the week is based on the date. I.e. November 16 - May 20 was counted as 6 months and 2 days not 4 weeks and not 6 months, 2 weeks. Enjoy it!

Great app with just one limitation It is simple and easy to use, and great looking. What is missing is a way to upload/import multiple events into it in one go, using a .csv format or something. For example, a list of everyone's birthdays OR a list of all Marvel movies announced OR a list of due dates for my investments. This will make this app simply fantastic!

Good work I would be better if u add sync option so that we can sync with all the devices.

Very good! I love and depend on it. Would like it even more if the super bright colors were changed to something a little bit softer please. Thank you for all your good work, and making such a very great and needed app for us!

Very useful app! Additional features which would be make this app even MORE useful include: [1] multiple Categories per Event; [2] the ability to filter Events with "uncategorized" alongside other categories; [3] the ability to calculate the "days between" any two Events. {I sent an email to the developer with more details on these suggestions, together with some other technical questions.}

Crisp clean clear Without doubt, one of the best reverse todo apps in the store. It has a level of polish that others do not. Give it a try.

Nice Nice app to remember the past and notification for upcoming simple and useful app, but some fun like upload photos for every task and background and better secure sync like dropbox

Underrated The value of your app is in the thought you put to subdue complexity under my fingertips. Good job!

Love the app - exactly what I was looking for. This is great - keeps info on important anniversaries and also allows you to place/resize them on your screen. Easy to use too! Thanks!

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