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Please, create an english version of this app. When will you? You have been saying so to everyone who reviewed in English so far. But when? Can you give me the year and the date of release of the app? I will gladly download it. Yes, I am all hyped up. Just, tell me when, please. Flawless

보고싶은 회차 누르면 멋대로 자동회전이 되는데 설정해제가 안돼요... 계속 가로화면으로 봐야하는데 너무 불편합니다 Works great

I want to give 5 stars coz the app is so good but I'll decided to give 3 stars coz there is no english translation. Please fix this for your customers who can't read chinese/korean. I dont want to uninstall this but I have no other choice. I can't understand it. Please make a english translation. Im begging you. Great!

My friends read webtoons from here so I know it's good! .... But please make an english version~ >^< Works perfectly

Can you please make the app in English. It would both be good for the readera and for your rise in popularity as well. Flawless

안드로이드 8.1 업뎃 이후에 웹툰 이미지가 안나와요 인터넷은 잘 되어서 접속은 문제없는데 Cool

Do u have a English version? Please make one!! I really want to read them in English!! Just wow

저는 업데이트후 더 나아진것 같은데ㅠㅠ 뭔가 더 깔끔해지고 편해진것같아요. 웹툰캐시 이벤트창? 오류 나는것 빼고는 완전 좋아요 Flawless

Good app. Is there a way to put it in english ? It'd be more comfortable as I can't read hangul very well Fantastic

Definitely the best app to read webtoons. Everything's perfect, I'm just waiting for the English version of the app though. Please keep up the good work! Good

Great app full of good comics. It would be nice if they don't charge for past chapters. Recommend

How will I change the default language to English... I will use these webtoon to practice reading korean. But I cant understand the app. Flawless

i really like this but i think naver is betterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ sorry Muito bom!

Plz.. everything is perfect.. the webtoon is so good. The illustration..there is no adds getting in a way.. but just 1 thing we international fans of comic need is the eng subs.. cannot you update to have a various languages like naver webtoon did.. i see a lot of comic that i want to read here but i cant.. please Works great

You have many great webtoin such as mujang, redstorm,etc. Dont let lezhin and naver webtoon beat you... bec they have english ver :D Not bad

I love reading webtoons and manhwa so much, so that I even download this eventhough it is in Korean. I wish this app have the english version and english translation. Nowadays, a lot of Korean webtoon app having their english version and translation, I hope daum will follow suit Marvelous

I want to buy webtoon episodes so much because many are locked. Is there any way I can pay for them? As American, I can't prove my identity for purchases;; Fabulous!

외국에선 결제를 못하네요ㅠㅠ 별 5개 주고 싶은데 외국에선 결제를 아예 못하네요ㅠㅠ 저희도 만화 미리 보고싶습니다!! Worth it!

대박! Reading the manhwa on daum webtoon helps improving my korean language skill. Although sometimes I still guessing what the meaning of the story, yet it is so much fun! Still, I wish daum webtoon could be translated to english language so that other international fans could read it also ^^ thank you. Fantastic

To purchase comic Hi, i'm a foreigner who enjoying this app very much. But I have a problem with purchasing the comic. I have no korean phone number nor id. And I'm not living in korea. Is there any way to get me buy the comic and get a new id? Superb!

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