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This app is perfect for me to chat with ppl in Asia, exactly what I want!!! Like the chatrooms, pls add more! Pretty good

At first it was cool and easy to use but then after some time its crashing and using excessive battery i don't know why because as i said it was great Perfect!

some are just for fun. but iam happy that i found my someone special. i hope it will be forever Fantastic

I like this app..very upfront it is really free not just catching subscribers but then you cannot message if you do not pay as a member .i found my partner here for almost 2 months as a member..thank you for your site. More power!!! Omg

Please I need improvement, the app is hanging and is taking too many space as you chat on it daily. Like each time you chat long the phone will begin to tell you insufficient storage which I noticed it and is been caused by this app.....please work on it thanks Highly Recommend.

Be much better if you'd get rid of the flash advertising, causes the app to constantly freeze, about to remove it because of that. Open it, freezes, open again, watch add, freezes, open again look at two profiles, freezes, understand??? Works perfectly

I like this site but very long time cannot log in, really no undrerstan why alwasy that this site? Awesome

this is so great and useful app... keep up the good work here and more blessings Works great

I like this app..very upfront it is really free not just catching subscribers but then you cannot message if you do not pay as a member 5 star

I like this apps, because I found a lot of friends here. But why, lately I can't send msg to them? Everytime I press the msg icon, it's only loading but not showing the msg board. Please fix it up. Thx Great job

GOOD APP !! That s a fair app !...U can see people..send message...write your email and other...and u can get coins by visiting every day the site ! I am ok with that and I ll give u 5 real stars...keep up the good work !! Pretty good

Between 2-3 stars, my problem is that if you look at most of girls liking me or talking to me are probably fake. Most are from Senegal, including 2 white girls...I'm sure if you live in Philippine then it would be more useful love it

I just chatted with some people, I don't know why, suddenly I can't send message again. All my inboxes disappear. Someone please help me Enjoy it!

I got this app because I wanna meet with Asians but all I see are people from my country,is there a way to fix that? Perfect!

This site is good but please beware I find a scammer here and he ask me to send money. Not bad

Its okay because I'm a new here and I don't know how to use it Hahahaha so funny.. I have one question on how to see my fans.. I can't open it.. so sad Fantastic

Has issues with interface when clicking to login will automatically close. When browsing will shut down on you out of no where. This app has issues, but minor to where they can fix it and it would be a 5 star app all the way. Its great cause its free and the money portion doesn't hinder you from meeting anyone. I just wish there would be more girls lol Flawless

This app is okay sometimes. But most of the time, I get aghast about opening the app because it always show that it needs to be updated and all, but when I the goole play store, the status of the app is already updated to its latest version. Well, thats my concern. Great!

I wish general members have a chance to meet other races too. Not just turkish and indians Omg

This app, always works for me well, l have had many HI or drop a message, as l have too, l have come over many fake, even scammer profiles, but some are real, and decent girls, and who l keep in touch with, the fact this app not has a website, for users to access, is a concern, as it will target many decent people, and even upset many, as well as many sexual images not great and many want you to join another website or dating app to contact them, and of course you need pay, its a trap for many. So be careful who you chat too, but their is risk as there is on all dating apps or single sites. Any girl willing to know you, not means you are required to pay for that service, as its a business, so its not always going to make you find a girl, otherwise the app for me was easy to use, and free, so be wise, its same for your girls too. Good

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