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Best completely free Android game to date. Lovely feeling control scheme, a e s t h e t i c s for days. I would pay for this easily, how its free?! ... This is how you do a free game folks! Fantastic

Fun and unique gameplay mechanics (though there was a somewhat steep learning/comfort curve for me). Challenging, but certainly not ridiculous. And most surprisingly for a game like this: Clever and funny writing with an interesting story. Solid soundtrack. And all of this for free (which makes it difficult to complain about the short length). Not even any in-game purchases. Fantastic game. Works great

Amazing game. I genuinely loved this game. It may appear to be quite simple, and that is what I thought at first. Way better than I thought it would be. Very fun, has acheivments that arent impossible to get, no ads, has the option to do grind-type gameplay, and is pure skill only game. Yet, it balances all of this perfectly. Truly unbelievable. For the type of game that it is, it has no faults. A genuine, real 10/10. Perfect

It's a very good game overall, but it gets old after a while if ur friends are bad or u have no friends. It also gets sorta old since there aren't any levels beyond the story ones, like online levels. It's still good l, though. Pretty good

I love racing games, and this captures the essence of catching the perfect turn, the satisfaction of hitting the apex perfectly. The physics are just right and very intuitive. Love the plot as well, very well developed without getting in the way of the awesome game play. Also as someone with a budget phone I'm very happy to have found such a great game that isn't very demanding of my phones processor. Wish I could rate it more than 5 stars. Go well

It looks like a regular casual game, but then you discover this great story that you never believe it was there. What a game. No wonder it has the highest rating I've seen. And it has no ads. This is the perfect game. Omg

This is a racing game after all; however, there is such a story behind it that makes it worth playing. I have nothing negative other than a slight amount of lag while playing. Not bad

The game is great and I love it though I wish it had keyboard / controller support. It seems like thats the only thing keeping the game from being played on a chromebook. Worth it!

Very good in many ways. Music, story, and graphics are all amazing along with the cool racing experience. Controls are fine and responsive. Difficulty curve is good. I love this game! (Also, it was inspirational art-wise to me.) Works perfectly

This game was amazing. Even after playing it through twice, I still find it's levels frustratingly fun. If you just take a glance at this game, you'll think nothing of it. But once you jump into the game, the story grips you and you quickly become addicted. The graphics are simplistic, but well refined and thought out. And in top of everything else, the 'userdata' easter eggs create a whole other sub-plot that guess even more in depth. All in all, it's an amazing game that you should definitely try out. I wish I could find more games that pulled me in like this. Perfect

Endless fun. Challenging time limits and while the objective remains the same, the stages alter enough to keep it engaging. It's not a memory hog either and it never lags in the least for me. Not bad

Very short, but great fun. Can be a bit frustrating if you want to 100% complete all the challenges :-) I'd be happy to pay 2-3 EUR for it - is there a way to donate to the author? Enjoy it!

Boy where to start. Let's start with the basics then. You like free stuff don't you? Even more so if said stuff is ad free. So what's the catch then? Well... I couldn't find one. The game is perfect in its own way, from the slowly ramping difficultly of the levels to the admittedly surprisingly well written and thought out story. This game does everything well. The physics, the puzzles and even the small bits of optional story that drag you in even more. I highly suggest getting this game, you are not losing anything by doing so. Marvelous

Totally not my usual kind of game, but ended up being so engrossing! Simple, yet addictive, great little story. Fun, with a hint of creepy. Very well done. Exactly what a passion project should be. Perfect

It is really challenging but really e Really fun! Its free, no ads, and it tells a story that is a bit interesting! Not bad

The gameplay was good. I got stuck on some levels for quite some time, but that's okay. I enjoyed both the hard, challenging levels for the effort they required and the easy story related ones that were just fun. The design and music gave off an 80s' style theme(despite the modern setting, which also influence the style). The story elements were great, the characters were believable. My only semi-comolaint it that it ended pretty fast. It could use a second chapter, tho it's not something crucial. Superb!

Very fun game to play I actually never download games. But this one seemed super interesting. Once I started playing i could not stop. Hope to see me episodes of the game :) Flawless

I normally don't bother with writing reviews about phone games, but this one is just so well done. So well written! Kudos Just wow

It's a very good game, well thought out story, I really like the character of rogue and mother, but I really wished it lasted a little longer. But all good things must come to an end, I hope you decide to make a sequel (if you can) No rush. Great job

Stopped the game to give a review... Simply genius, the gameplay, the music, the simplicity of the controls and the mechanics with the walls!... The idea is genius! I love how it's unique, skewed a bit, every detail is on spot! I wish you all the luck with your future development and hope you have even more inspiration for your future projects! Cheers! Worth it!

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