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Permissions The app does what is supposed to but an explanation as to why it needs the "scan your stored data" permission would be nice.... Also the toggle switch widget seems to be identical for on or off, rather than visibly changing state or label Perfect

Greatest widget NEEDS URGENT LOLLIPOP UPDATE Use it every time I step out of the house, every time I get to uni, automating my control of when I need to use data or wifi. I'm a big fan of this widget. Fantastic

Gr8 app.. Does for what it's ment for I would have rated it 5 stars if its icon was impressive and attractive... If this problem con be resolved by the app makers then do...plz.. Superb!

Great app but.... This is the app for you! Works well and it is an easy way to turn your data off. Just recently the color on the widget does not change to indicate that your data is off or on. Please fix this and I will give you all 5 stars. Thanks! Great!

Needs update for Android 5.0 This has always worked awesomely for me. For my galaxy s4 and s5, but now at&t made me update to Android 5.0. Please fix, I love this widget. Must have

Fantastic little app, did exactly what I wanted it to do (added option to toggle mobile data on/off from the top drawer) and didn't ask for intrusive/unnecessary permissions. I would highly recommend this Perfect

Worked like a charm..until... This widget worked great on my Droid Maxx running kitkat. Just switched to a Moto X Pure running like lollipop, and it seems as though lollipop blocks this widget from working. Obviously not the developers fault. Hopefully, Android 6.0 will allow this widget to work as intended... Omg

I previously had this running on a couple of phones without any problems. It just worked - which was great. However, since the Lollipop 5.1 upgrade on my Moto G (2nd Gen), its broken - well and truly. I've tried re-installing it, but no improvement. I don't think this is something the developers could forsee, but now its definitely an issue, it would be great to see it fixed. In the meantime - here's a little tip that may get you by. Double swipe (or one long swipe) downwards from the top of your screen, to see the full Notifications drop down bar. Here you should see your phone network providers name. Double tap on your phone network name, and a new window will appear, showing your data useage. At the top of this new window is a toggle switch for Mobile Data. Use this until this widget is fixed. You're welcome ! :-) Brilliant

It's reliable The widget does not give many themes but it is reliable. I personally wanted reliability to actually on and off the data using this widget. It does that perfectly without fail. If only it came with customization option for the widget look and feel then nothing like this on play store as of now. Great job

Most useful widget ever Absolutely love this widget. Works flawlessly. I use this a lot because it saves data in places where I don't get great reception and helps conserve battery. Lately it hasn't been working and I have to restart the phone. Recommend

Loved but no longer needed I loved this widget before I got the G3 but I don't need it since LG added a data blocker button to the notification panel. This is a reliable app though and worked every time. wow lol

Widget to small HTC EVO 3D 4G Works great but looks silly cause the widget is much smaller then the icons on home page how I have my set up but either way works great and looks great so thanks dev. 5 star

Graphic is frozen I'm using an automate app to turn off my data off when WiFi is connected, but the widget stays light even after data has been disabled. Any way to fix this? Surprisingly

Convenient app! Great little widget since android yanked our collective ability to easily disable data. Giving it 5 stars even tho lollipop disabled it! Hoping for a fix! Flawless

Great widget! However it does not support android 5.0+ I just got the update for my G3 today. Still deserving of 5 stars, hope to see the Lollipop support soon love it

Great app - please update I've used this free app for a long time without any problems. The lollipop update broke it. I hope there is an update coming that will get it going again. I would puchase it if there was a working version. Omg

Great app for pre-lollipop phones! But I don't think this app will ever be updated for 5.0 unless Google allows it access again in the future. But at least our phones are more "secure" now lol Well done!!

Grrrr It used to work just fine until Samsung upgraded their operating system and decided that third party switching of data was a security breach. In fact what it is Samsung does not want it to be made easy to shut off the data as they want it continuously running in the background eating up data and costing money unnecessarily Cool

Loved until lolipop My lolipop upgrade came today and sadly this widget no longer works. Have used it for years. The alternative widgets that still work are not as great. Please update I miss you Amazing!

Great Extremely useful looks alright maybe a little bigger? But great widget. Also just a heads up it doesn't work on android L :). And with that any chance of making it material design ( colours so that it fits in) Worth a go!

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