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Great app, but it would be ideal if it allowed for unlimited games without the need for tokens. Brilliant

Excellent game, wish the tokens would refill a little faster, but the actually matches are fun and simple. It's also good help for darts scoring practice for my actual league games :) 5 star

Tons of fun, actually inspired me to buy my own Dartboard! I hate having to relearn how to throw my new darts every time I purchase a new league Dart, but it works fine enough. Finally up in the 70s and it's a blast playing to 501 Fabulous!

This is a very fun and addictive game. I would recommend it for anybody that likes to challenge other people Worth it!

Enjoying the game . But have to watch adds to keep playing other than that all good Cool

301 consistently sucks amp it up to double in when does that start what about cricket.?? Playing 301 and having to win that much gets boring Amazing!

Great came! Addictive and fun. My only gripe is a bug when ads aren't (very) often have to punch out of the app and then come back to it. It drives me away from actively accepting adverts...even if they're available. Enjoy it!

Just curious when you reach higher levels if you get to play cricket? Playing 301 gets a little boring after 3 leagues Surprisingly

The cost of darts are a bit much when you are not giving alot in winnings but it is a fun game and a nice way to pass the time on my down time. Correct the prices please Enjoy it!

So far so good. Haven't had any problems. Game play and graphics are good as well Awesome

Good game. Just a little frustrating when u throw a dart and hit trip 20 N throw the next dart the same way n hit a 3. What the hell do u call that? Maybe a glitch but I don't know. Fantastic

Fun fun fun! Only downfall is you have to be connected to Wi-Fi or use data to play. Really wish there was an offline mode. Omg

Great game awesome graphics and very easy to pick up. This game has me dusting off my.old dart board and breaking out my darts! wow lol

The only reason that this did not get 5 stars across the board is because you can only play in short bursts. Other than the fact that you can only play 3 games within a 45 minutes time frame, this game is amazing. Great job

Could use some more game options and the board isn't really HD quality. The controls are terrible and unreliable. Fun nonetheless. Worth it!

It's a great game however a sometimes when an ad is supposed to play the screen gets dim and nothing happens. The ad doesn't load and the app becomes unresponsive. I have to go into app settings and force close the app. This is getting very old , very fast. Fix your ads! Fantastic

Cracking game, currently on a 71.5 average so very pleased. Only issue is you play 3 games then you have to wait for refill or spend money buying stars, think I'll stick to playing 3 and then waiting Well done!!

Definently one of my Top 3 Favorite games on My Android. It a hard to find a game that you enjoy playing for more then 15-20 minutes @ a time. But I can play Darts of Fury for an hour or two straight. The only part that I would change is the Tokens. I didn't know it costed tokens each game you play and I ran out and couldn't play for a little.vit and that really bummed me out. But other then that I love all other aspects of this game. Great job to the creators of it. Can't wait to see if you guys come out with a Darts of Fury 2!!! Worth it!

Wish I could play my friends though!!! I understand that game designers have to make money! But surely it makes sence to be able to play your fb friends/family ect live . Game developers pull your socks up an get your brain in gear an fix what ever needs be. Its an awesome game, even addictive, as most of your reviews report. So, SORT IT!!!!!! Go well

I really love the game it's very addictive!!! Just wish u can chat and maybe have a teams so we can head to head friend change wow lol

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