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Pretty great. The information displays, both in the app and in widgets, are much better designed than in most weather apps. The customisable alerts (when it will snow, when temperature is over x, etc.)are welcome, but lacking any real offering over the normal national weather alerts (which this app includes). What would be VERY welcome would be more intelligent alerts like "it's been raining all week, but there's a two-hour dry spell coming up - don't miss it" (i.e., alert for x minutes of no rain during y minutes of rain). Worth a go!

"Feels like" is dumbed down information. If it has to be there at least put it at the end of good information this app supplies. Marvelous

Used to be great but has dropped in quality recently. Will display forecasts like -104F, so claim the current weather is "Snowing with no precipitating" Pretty good

I've been using the premium version from the beginning, and I have always been impressed by the minute by minute accuracy of this app. I would give it an accuracy rating of 95%. Quite impressive for living near a conversation zone! Well, it's 2018, and I'm still a premium subscriberand I still love this app. Go well

This is probably the best weather App in Store! Always come back to it! Sure thing none of weather Apps are 100% accurate but this one is the closest! So useful when determining when it's a right time for my runs. Second year paid for subscription as it's worth it! Would love to have all EU rain radar coverage but maybe they will add more countries soon! Great work Awesome

This is currently accurate saying we have light snow - we do! However, very disappointingly the met office app says there is no snow here whatsoever and has been wrong quite alot over the recent snow periods we've had. Well done Dark Sky! Pretty good

Overall I like the black and white line drawing look for a graphical interface, but forecasts can be a bit buggy on occasion. Like when you get messages saying no rain and yet, looking out a window, you see a medium sort of downpour. :) Flawless

Used to be very accurate...but for some reason this has changed a bit. Today for example was a sunny and mostly cloudless day, the forecast however stated overcast. Will keep watching, and hope its only a blip! Superb!

This app is fantastic. Had the weather channel app before, looked for something new because I kept getting a error message on the Homescreen widget. Dark sky gives actionable information rather than just the basics. Great job

This app is more accurate than others I have tried by far. Weather Underground was second to this but it frustrated me too much. 2.99 is nothing for how reliably accurate Dark Sky is. Worth a go!

Usually a great app but it's freaking out right now telling me I'm in minus 33 Celsius in the middle of London. Um... No... Kinda funny Hoping they'll sort it soon. It's a shame there's no bug report feature Worth it!

Great at telling you what's the weather like right now where I am. But it's pretty rubbish at forecasting weather for the next day... what's the point? I paid for the premium subscription but I am overall unimpressed... Recommend

Eh... I wish I could choose how far back the radar goes. Even w/the slider, it's a bit clunky... I really don't care what the radar was two days ago. The radar/precipitation map isn't usually correct, at least not enough to be helpful. And while the map/globe is very cool looking, I wish it wouldn't zoom back out to space-view every time. Last bitchy comment: please stop the seesaw swinging effect of the "right now" menu. It's hilariously difficult to select an option when it's continuously moving. I'm sure it's to show available options that might be offscreen, but... How about leaving the menu static, and just... Using an arrow? Omg

Love it! I only wish there was a way to choose which notification sound to use so that an alarm would go off before it rains. Must have

Beautiful but not accurate. I've had a 10 degree Fahrenheit difference between this app and other sites including the actual temperature. Even right now it accurately shows an alert that we are facing a winter storm warning, but the forecast for that timeframe is still 1 inch of snow when the warning says ~10 inches! wow lol

Dark sky lives up to its "hyper-local" billing, providing precipitation and weather event warnings almost to the minute. It is an perfectly elegant app without extra, spammy "travel guide" kinds of info. Fantastic

Massive deviation in highs/lows in forecasts at times that are nowhere realistic ( -94 degrees when avg low is 20 degrees). Neat app but inconsistent Enjoy it!

One of the better weather apps I've used. The hyper local weather is about as good as you could expect and is usually a fairly accurate notification for precipitation. I really love the UI, it's clean and easy to navigate. The info is visual and easy to understand. We live in the valley in a mountainous area so weather is already hard to predict. Go 20 miles in any direction and you may move into a whole different weather cell. Dark Sky is my go to app. Great!

I love love love the interface. Clean and simple. Loads quick and the map is nice. The only reason I didn't keep this app as my main app is the widgets. I like the wunderground map widget. I can see what's in the area without launching the app. Simply unlock phone, check map, and then lock the phone again. If dark sky had a map widget, it would easily he my new weather app. Go well

Worked great for 2 years but now it's starting to show wonky temperatures like -76 and 110 in the same week. Brilliant

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