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Gorgeous game with a few flaws I'll start by saying I love the find and combine type of HO. The graphics are lovely and the story is engaging. Good length and nice bonus chapter. The map should allow for immediate travel to the area. The hint button in other games usually directs to the area where the next action can take place. In this game it only tells you if nothing else can be done in an area. These 2 issues make for some tedious back and forth.

Great story! No glitches - just lovely grahics, a great story and smooth game play. I shall definately purchase more of this type of game, it was very hard to put down. Get it! Fantastic

I'm in LOVE with this series I've bought the whole dark parable series on my Laptop, unfortunately my laptop broke bit that doesn't decrease my love for these games. It's totally worth it. You can play it a thousand times and never get bored. Each game is different and amazing and the story lines are always great. I'm so excited that it's now mobile. Keep up the great work! Oh, and I have a new laptop... I was wondering if anyone could help me download the games that I had on the old one to this one Omg

It's got everything we hidden object adventure gamers love. Omg

Awsome game love it a lots. Flawless

Amazing game. Worth a go!

Great app This super entertaining games has bring me to the enchanted world and makes me wanna play overand over again.. addicted! Fantastic

One of the better games I've played I've played LOTS of HO and puzzle games. This one had a good story, beautiful graphics, HO scenes were relevant to game play (yay!!) and not too tedious or repetitive. The puzzles were also relevant, nicely done, and fun. All in all, this is a great game, and I enjoyed it very much! wow lol

I'm a big fan of big fish I play on my line on PC I didn't know they had a apps was the first I knew of it like always the graphics in the ideas in the story lines and the characters are I love big fish you can always count on quality as always but as I play this game I find it needs a special personality that play this game if you're a person thats in a hurry that is like Speedy Gonzales and Johnny turbo and stuff like that this is not for you you need to be slow pation not to get frustrated or mad easy and got to be willing to make mistakes you just basically have to take your time but if you're the cheetah but if you're like me the sloth slowest animal in the world then you'll like it love it

Great Game!! Loved it! Got stuck a few times and there is a lot of bouncing around . But, overall a great game and I recommend you give if a try. Marvelous

Entertaining Enjoyable game. Nice graphics but puzzles were a little repetitive and the game could have been longer. Recommend

The best yet. There aren't that many well drawn or well thought out puzzle and hidden object games that are good to play. This is a great one though. It's nice to see ORIGINAL puzzles to. Surprisingly

Loved it It was really fun because I like finding games and the whole story is really interesting. Like a fairy tale detective is looking for missing children taken away by a mysterious ice queen and a monstrous beast. Just wow

Dark Parables: Snow Queen I enjoying this game as another reviewer mentioned nice relaxing game, not stressful or confusing. I enjoy BFGs. Really good graphics. Good game for me. Works great

Good but G5 games much better Good game graphics OK if you like this play G5 collector games the graphics and story and mini games much better and longer ...this I find after it plays story scene have to hit skip because it goes to a blank screen.I play on Samsung 10.1 note so it's not my device . Fabulous!

Dark parables. Very good game. Difficult to see small items in HOS .Really like having the guide in game so you don't have to leave game to go online and find walkthrough. Good story without all the blood and gore. Thanks for that! Worth a go!

Wonderful! Good length and a nice story line. I like that the puzzles weren't all easy and took me a while to solve. Amazing!

Good game... ...but it could use a few tweaks. All the back and forth, for example, is kind of ridiculous. I can understand having to go backwards to go get something, but to go back and forth, and back and forth through the entire game, is a bit much in my opinion. It just makes the gameplay a little tedious and you don't feel as though you're progressing at a decent pace. Other than that, these games are interesting and I play them often. The only other thing I can think of to change, is the price. You're not going to get me to spend $5 ($4.99) on a game that, if I play slowly, only takes a few days to finish. 99¢...yeah, I'd buy far more often, as I'm sure many others would as well. $1.99....ehhh, maybe if it was a really in-depth, somewhat longer, well made game, but lowering the price point would make a far greater impact in game sales, in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to give us great story lines though! They definitely keep me coming back for the next game. Worth it!

Excellant! I'd give a 10 if I could! This is by far the absolute BEST GAME of it's kind! It's worth every penny. It goes on forever with just the most brilliantly beautiful and cool graphics I've seen. Great story line and very diverse in it's minigames. I'm on my second time thru and loving every minute. Hint: if you get stuck make use of the guide and map features. Brilliant

Good game Really enjoyed this was nice and simple. relaxing. Only shame was it wasn't long enough. Have played this a few times now and enjoy it each time. Can't fault any of it. Not bad

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