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I like the simple, straightforward presentation. These are all exercises I've learned with trainers so it's a nice way to keep doing them. No music so I can play what I like. Perfect!

Great workout app with real video instruction. Love that you can choose the time frame and intensity. So happy to have found Worth a go!

Great only problem with it v is the short between exercises. I can't follow cause I get tired Fabulous!

Definitely a good workout app. Just wish it had music to play during your workout. Marvelous

I've used this app before and it works, it made me feel strong and kept my waistline in tact Works perfectly

Like it but seriously why can't I just simply work out to all this app has to offer without buying the full version! That sucks for people living with a tight tight budget! Just wow

Good motivation to get moving Not enough time for stretching, otherwise very good short free workout. 5 star

I love this app!!! It's so easy to get a workout in at home without needing any equipment. I have only been doing abs and butt for a week and I already notice a difference! Awesome

Love this app. I can pick if I want to do cardio, and etc.. Good to start off getting into shape Not bad

So far its really good and I had a great workout. I wish there was a tracker that says how many calories each day you burn. Does the premium have that? If it does it maybe worth buying. Works perfectly

Just downloaded and tired first full body 10 minute work out. Worked well. Really like that it gives you 3 secs to learn the new exercise before it begins. Will try more workouts. So far so good. Go well

I have used this app many times. It is great interval training and I'm always so tierd after. Just wow

Love this app it helps me lose calories eaxh day and keeps me on track exersise was a chore unitll i got this app!!! Awesome

تمارين متميزة والتوضيح في الفيديو سهل. شكرا على المجهود Awesome

The only suggestion I have for making this app better is to add a tone at the end of the workout so you know time is up. I've used the free version for a month now. I'm upgrading to the paid version because I like it well enough I want to be able to create my own custom workout. I cannot do plank jacks and a few other things so I end up having to skip around in the free version. I also want to unlock the pilates workout. Enjoy it!

This app is great Iready loosing my layer of fatt download it font waist anytime Flawless

I like how you can start off w a quick routine until you get used to the exercise then you can keep leveling up. The exercises are effective and if you want to do them correctly read the note below the video. Pretty good

I've had this app through 3 phones now, it is always easy to use and the workouts are satisfying. The layout is simple and to the point. love it

Great app to do quick and effective workouts! First started using it about 2 years ago and started using again because I see results! Highly Recommend.

I think this is real it can't be fake cause l am getting stronger it is real l really like this app Perfect

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