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great app i have severe arthritis in both knees so this low impact work out is exactly what i need. plus no internet connection needed Highly Recommend.

I love this, in the beginning I used this app a lot. Now when ever I get off track I come back to this app, my starting point. Works great

I love that this app shows an individual doing the exercises and explains in detail the specifics of each exercise - easy to follow! Enjoy it!

I LOVE this app! I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have issues with my legs and this app is perfect for me! I've been using this app for over 3 years. I've tried other exercising apps but I always come back to this one ❤ Cool

WOW!!!What an amazing app, I'm totally in love. I have 2 kids and I'm working full time so I don't have time to go to the gym. This app has been heaven sent, Quick and easy to follow, you can do the exercises anywhere...Big ups to the creators. Great Job! Superb!

Easy but effective These workouts are easy enough to do yet you can 'feel the burn' of your muscles working. Omg

Excellent; video and explanations of each set. Has pause, rewind and fast forward for each exercise. Works great. Marvelous

Lllllloooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeddddddd iiiiiittttttt like alooooooooooooot hope u gys try it out it really really works:) Great job

Can't believe how much I sweat in the five minutes of working out. Simple and straightforward. Muito bom!

Feels like a good work out with out the cost of both time and money. And, you can mix and match the workouts Worth it!

Just enough burn...just enough instruction... Legs feel it when you are finished and it hardly takes any time at all. Didn't even sweat this time...looking forward to other routine options. Amazing!

Great app Great to tone your legs. Awesome workouts, you have to do exactly as is instructed for them to work. Different timings which is awesome. Fabulous!

Great Easy to follow, could use a ten second break between excercises though, had to pause between each one. Good leg excersizes tho

Great for quick fix Being a junior in college, it is hard to find time to get to the gym. Having workout apps like this makes working out easy wherever I am.

Does the job easy and manageable is great for anyone who needs direction n short to long periods of movement

Leg workout Great app for those who can't afford or available time for the gym. Perfect for me!

Daily leg without! Fantastic! Not only did it help the shape OF my legs, the exercises helped solve my Runner's Knee issues!

Heck of a challenge!! I love this app! I started using it every morning and on the third day my leg muscles were killing me! I kept it up and a week into using it, I swear I could tell a difference!! I would definitely recommend! It's a challenge. It's definitely not easy by any means. Not to me anyways. Lol

Awesome good for beginners. Must have

Go for it Extremely beneficial app has a collection of perfectly effective exercises of two intensity Flawless

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