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Easy to use, with great demos and written instructions. I can play music in the background and app only interrupts when it's time to change exercises. Recommend

Good little app for helping me tone up when I have a few mins. Easy to follow exercises and I like the different time options. Having 2 workouts is nice, I may even upgrade to pro to get a 3rd! Enjoy it!

I iss to work or regularly an d habe had a difficulty getting back to a workout regiment because of three weight and shame I've gained. This is working out great to get me restarted. Thank you. Brilliant

One week gone and I can already see and feel the difference, truly effective, thumbs up Surprisingly

It's really great to have a quick 5-10 minute workout plan. I usually try to squeeze in two or three rounds throughout the day. I mean, you've all got five minutes a couple times per day right? I highly recommend it Muito bom!

Good app if you want to work out you legs, thighs and butt. Really gets you sweating and your blood flowing. love it

This app really focuses on the butt and you realize your working muscles didn't know you had. love it

Good pre-breakfast tone-up No gimmicks, just select how long you want to do the workout for and the videos guide you. Good app. Worth a go!

Its not one set workout. You can select how long to workout and which exercises to target Great job

Simple and effective app to use. I used to use this app and started seeing results not too long after keeping it up. For some reason I fell off on using it regularly and deleted it. However, I started using it again and forgot how well it worked for me compared to other apps out there! What I love is that it's perfect for home and requires usually little to no equipment. Also, if you're like me and haven't worked out in a (very) long time this is definitely a good start. I use this along with the cardio and yoga app but I would recommend using the Daily Workout App since it includes all their apps in one. Omg

im over all the super apps. i dont want 1k options & junk. I just want a quick, no excuses, click n go exercise. This is perfect. I used it daily post wakeup yoga 6-7yrs ago.. & im back! turns out u can TELL when everyday is no longer butt day. 5min makes a diffff!!!! (Tho i prefer the 8min. 10 makes the flutters n frogs kinda long for me restarting but 8 is great. I just love theres a cpl options!) Pretty good

Me and my boyfriend love this app. I've been using it for a while, but he's new to it. He's not a big sports fan, but he's using it daily! Good

I just started today 2/25/17. I already enjoy having a time table for each workout. The time tables beat out other high rated apps. I will submit another review after a few weeks when I begin seeing results. I'm adding this app to my own daily weight lifting routine. I do feel confident, and feel I got a great 10 minute workout the first day. Cool

Yes. I never realized how much I'd neglected my butt muscles until I got to the last 3 excersises in the 10 minute circuit and I could only fully complete anything. This plus the runtastic leg trainer app will have you feeling hardcore af Highly Recommend.

Super ♡ this app It really less then 2weeks i felt the effect on my butt and hips. No pain no gain!!! Thanks Not bad

think it really is great and you can feel the burn an the muscles working but I am doing this workout for a week now every day and it seems like my butt is gettin smaller lol Well done!!

Awesome app! Quick, simple, effective workouts for a nice booty at your fingertips! I feel the workouts even after 8 minutes, I'll definitely keep using it. Works great

Great It's been good so far, butt already feeling bigger! I love this app. All butt exercises in one, everywhere I go. On the go. Omg

Can feel the burn! This is a great basic workout for anyone that wants to work on the butt and thighs. I don't and haven't been able to figure out how to have it remind me every day but I remind myself, so no major worries there. Thanks guys! Great app! Can use right at home and with next to no equipment. **** Superb!

Let's have a go No harm in trying I've been looking for a way to get fit without having to go to the gym, let's face it the gym ain't for everyone is it, no me anyway. Wish me luck. Amazing!

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