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This is d best bible app. Its a life saver. Dont know what I would do without it. The daily plan reading has stopped working Worth it!

I really have enjoyed this app, and I've been using it for years. Unfortunately, recently it has become overrun with ads. Go well

Great daily reminder app. Really enjoy it and being able to highlight inn different colors, make notations, ect. Good for on the go bible readers & when you don't got one near you. Go well

This app is excellent (Daily Bible, Salem Media) and is a great comfort daily. Easy to use, nice features, different versions, no glitching... big thumbs up ! Amazing!

App was great. Now I have to watch a 15 second ad before reading my daily scripture. Ads are glitchy and take away from the overall experience. Superb!

To wake up everyday to the word of god is a great way to wake up!! I love this app it easy to use and accurate searches help!!! Recommend

Daily Bible is really a good daily verses help us to know the Bible if a person is so busy to read the entire book he starts from the verses to chapters and the book Go well

I love it. When my phone died,I had to buy a newer model. I couldn't find the app. I searched for days. I was lost without it. Some of the other apps are too complicated for me. I'm glad I found it. Just wow

Talking and jingle adds make a decent app not worth the hassle. I'm uninstalling this app. Flawless

I LOVE this app because it is easy to use and navigate. I enjoy the daily scriptures. It also works well for finding the scriptures in church. Superb!

It helps me to keep focused and inspired by my Higher Power even when things seem low. Brilliant

Keeping me in the word daily. I really appreciate this app and the impact its had on my life for several years. Must have

The best Bible I have ever used n you can change versions. The ready speaker clearly n you understand him well wow lol

I think everybody need the words of JESUS in they life all the time night and day. We need JESUS no matter what Marvelous

I love this app. I try to use it daily for the verses, as well as the devotionals. Excellent app. Must have

I love getting a bible verse every morning on my phone. It is a positive message in a world that can be so negative. God is Great! Marvelous

A small verse to focus on, to ponder, and then lots of tools to connect to for deeper study. Cool

I enjoy waking to find a new verse to read. Often the verse will lead me to go read more from that chapter and send me studying the word. Thank you for this. Omg

The recent updated doesn't allow you to do searches with key words or phrases the way it used to. Fabulous!

Not appreciating the pop up adds as soon as I open the app to read the scriptures. wow lol

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