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I love it!!! I start my day every morning with a daily verse. The verses touch and bring a new meaning to me every day. - Ernie C. Pretty good

I use this most for the daily verse. Great way to start your day putting God first right from the beginning. Fantastic

Thanks for this wonderful apps may the Almighty God bless you all in Jesus name amen. Works perfectly

Love the app, but recently I started recieving 2 or 3 push notifications instead of 1 each day. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but problem remains. Can you fix this? Great job

With last update, I cannot play the audio any longer. I hear the legal disclaimer then nothing. Then last night, I go to read from the daily plan and there isn't anything there - no text at all. Muito bom!

Started out as a fantastic app but greed got the better of them. Now has audio ads so cannot use in pubic. They all fall to greed sooner or later I guess. Marvelous

It was great until I lost the sound. I tells to wait until the sound starts but never does. Can you fix it please. Recommend

This app is a must for me. Every time I get a new device, it is one of the first installed app. The daily scripture selection are most often timely for my experiences that day. Changes were made to the scripture search feature from a few years ago, that are not as good in my opinion, but nevertheless still among my "must have" group. Works great

The ads are irritating but not enough to keep me from my daily dose of God's word Enjoy it!

Wonderful to have the word on your phone first thing every morning. More ads but still great the daily bible verse. Well done!!

Good if you have bought not so much if you haven't. Adds cover to much in daily read as well as flashing and cover info of podcast wow lol

;-D I've enjoyed this app for quite some time. I even introduced it to family members. I am really thankful to the Lord for this app! Every morning I read a verse to my children before they go to school and then I pray over them with anointing oil. They themselves along with my husband have this app. Superb!

Knocking down due to full page ads every time the app is opened in addition to banner ads Fabulous!

I love getting daily scripture, I am able to listen to devotions when I need an encouraging word, I enjoy being able to listen to the audio when I'm to tried to read. Overall this app gets a 2 thumbs up Go well

Daily Notification is no more pls I need your help urgently. Thanks to your team Just wow

God's words is a must have everyday. This app makes that possible no matter where I may be. Thank you! God bless! Praise God!!! God is excellent all time!!! Great!

It was great for years until recently the daily plan just stopped working. No display of text no sound. How can it be fixed, please! Surprisingly

Fulfilling, & invigorating the text of the day really gets me going in the morning. It inspires in me a purpose to get out into the world & share the word of God... -THE BIBLE.... Pretty good

It revel to you a bible verse everyday. So you can start the day with the Bible, and live by it everyday... God Bless ! Muito bom!

For me it is very good and I'm able to know the Bible on daily basis and I'm very happy Worth a go!

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