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Good app. However, when I choose a saved chapter to read, it keeps going back to the previous saved chapter that I read. Frustrating. Fabulous!

Really i like liked des bible. I feel like releaf . Des app s really working properly.and its the prefect app . I use 2 get up nd read every morning i liked vryyyyyyy vryyyy much Recommend

It helps 2 understand when I'm not @ Muito bom!

Study, reference, inspiration - this is a beautiful application that fits the spot. TYG! Not bad

I enjoy the daily verse and have tried some of the podcasts. I have not tried some of the other features, but will give them a try. Thanks. Worth a go!

I don't like the ads covering the wording or ads that break in while you are reading. Would be okay if ads were only on the home screen or show after the screen is unlocked Awesome

This is a really great app. I really love it. God bless the developers and the brains behind it Perfect

Love this App! My Bible reading stops for no reason then only restarts when i turn on the screen or stop and start the reading again Is it my device or the App? Not bad

Used to be a really great app. Now there's an ad every time I open it. So long. Surprisingly

I've enjoyed this app for several years. It was a nice way to start my day with a daily verse and podcast, it was easy to use and helpful. I do not enjoy ad after ad popping up everytime I try to enter or exit the app. This is the second time this has happened after an update was done. After spending several minutes this morning trying to exit the app and having ad after ad popping up to prevent me from exiting, it no longer serves my purpose for starting my day on a positive note. I will be deleting the app from my phone and going back to using a daily devotional book and my Bible. Superb!

Why does a Bible app have ads where cartoon heroines are showing so much breast and butt that they need to be pixelated? A company should know what their ads are showing. I'm out. Worth a go!

Have enjoyed daily verses that are sent, has wonderful search features, devotions . Definitely has gone commercial very loud commercials when it first turns on. Have donated in the past until the commercials started. So with commercials why ask for continued donations? Fabulous!

This app is pretty good EXCEPT that now it has an audio ad that just goes off. Not cool when you're doing a bible study. Fantastic

Really love the daily encouragement of this app. But even after donating money to the app, I still have full screen ads when the app launches and sometimes when it closes. Usually donations will remove the ads, not with this app Worth a go!

This app keeps me connected with God's Word. And His word is important. There's many versions, I need this app in my life as a Christian!!! Amazing!

I love this app only problem is sometimes the notifications don't work but apart from that it's a great app. Pretty good

Love this app. I have the Bible with me where ever I go. I love the search feature when I need to search a topic. The pod casts great to listen to while driving or working arouund the house. Best Bible app! Great job

This was a favorite app for years until the recently introduced full screen ads. Now I can't stand it. Muito bom!

Enjoy the app. I have noticed an increase in the number of ads. Recently I started receiving 4 or 8 push notifications instead of 1 each day. Please fix this. Recommend

Each time when I have questions or problems in my life immediately whem I put myself into prayers God answer me through verses of the daily am sure and believe that it's a sign God use to communicate with me coz God works or manifest himself in many ways, I do feel for sure that God is on my side.. God bless the person who made this app.. Flawless

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