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Easiest bible app to use. Annoying issue is the lengthy prerecorded message preceding each audio play. Also the ton of adverts popping up every second can interrupt a smooth read or audio Perfect

Great tool to read OR listen to God's word with an orderly approach. Love it and use it every day. Well done!!

This app is the primary reason I kept my android and didn't switch to iPhone (the app wasn't available on iPhone at the time). I get a daily verse and reading plan. If I don't have time to read it I can press play and it's read TO me by a real recorded voice, not a robotic voice synthesizer. I can choose and change translation versions. I can share, search and save. It also offers a choice of popular podcasts and devotionals. Best app available! Omg

Previously I was getting offline notifications now I have to connect to internet all the time. It will be better if it offline. Brilliant

Great app, the Daily bible is part of my daily routine now and it's pod casts teach and encourage me every time I listen to em. Go well

Great daily verses and the range of devotionals my varied preachers gives good start to a day nourished by God's wisdom. Works great

Daily verses are very useful for daily Bible verse meditation. The book by book scripture also useful for personal devotion/study. The only downside are the adverts that pop up when doing important bible study Cool

Daily bible helps me so much on a daily basis with my meditation and prayer. I love it!!!!! Pretty good

The option to have the KJ version for daily Bible reading is no longer an option. It did and I really liked this, but not anymore, and I very much dislike the ads. Go well

It truly helps me to get closer with God everyday. I look forward to eachdaus new reading. Muito bom!

Way to many ads and not that user friendly to navigate. Can't seem to customize daily Word notifications. Recommend

This bible app is great and very useful. It helps get you hook up to the words of God any time, whenever and wherever you are. As long as you are connected to the internet. Pretty good

It's nice to have a daily refresher to remind yourself that God is in control of your life. Just wow

I like this app because it has the Bible in a year and it will read it to you. However I don't like that it doesn't announce the books or chapter numbers! This is a bit annoying. Superb!

Open this up to nourish my soul. At any time or any where when I need God's word I just open this app and His Word is there for me to read and soak in. Perfect

Used to be wonderful, now it has too many pop up adds. I'd prefer to just purchase the app and call it a day instead of seeing pop ups and request for money on a continuous basis. This was my first bible app and enjoyed using it at the time, now I use You Version most of the time without pop ups. Enjoy it!

Absolutely love it. I share Daily Verses with family and friends every day! Highly recommend this app! It's very versatile and a great way to start the day! Marvelous

I use the app for a daily Bible verse, but lately I can't get to it unless I view an ad. Not a fan. Works perfectly

So far so good. Rediscovering my faith is hard for me. It's been a very long time. This is a little reminder every day to pray and thank God. Enjoy it!

You always have your phone, now you always have your Bible. Would have loved for more versions to have the listening option. Great!

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