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Love the daily scriptures, but it's the daily devotionals with so many amazing teachers that makes this app my favorite. Never had a problem with it and listen to it every day. Highly Recommend.

Great tool to help with daily devotions and whenever you want to read His word on the go. I have used this app for years and love it! Flawless

I understand that ads may be a necessity to support ministry in the digital age, but I just got an ad for Scientology while trying to open my daily bible app. The problem here should be self apparent. Muito bom!

I've had the Daily Bible app for 2 years. I absolutely love it! I especially love the podcasts. It also has a daily scripture and a plan to read through the bible. I can't think of anything I would change. Works great

It's a very useful tool for a beginner and a novice to read and learn the word.... Fantastic

App use to be my only source for bible verses but now the developer has allowed pop ups to clutter it Must have

I love it. Can listen and read along. Every morning a passage to start the day right. This app helped me once, and I hope it can help me again. I'm never letting this app go! Worth a go!

I love it ...God is good!!! I wake up in the morning read my Bible verse and then I know I'll have a wonderful day . Superb!

Seriously the best bible app on the market. Ive used or tried to use other bible apps but this one is the most resourceful and simple to use. Great!

It gives me a positive daily outlook while in this world of corruption & hate. Perfect

I love starting my day off with some positive scripture & a reminder of what I need to strive for. Omg

Excellent. God Bless you all. BUT recently can't push the search button, getting an error message which says press TEST key and proceed. Totally confused. Please fix it asap.Very good app so far. Pretty good

Love this app. It's quick and convenient. Wish it didn't have ads, but other than that, it's all good! Works perfectly

It's good for everyday Bible verses for so u can't pick up a Bible and read,but would like personalised verses Recommend

I love the app and the widget, but the latest update brought so many ads, I'm thinking about deleting it. And the regular prompts for ratings gets a little old too. Worth it!

This is like a 4 Must have

It still does what it always did which is giving and inspirational daily word from God except with the addition of annoying ads the cover the entire screen . But I still get the word. Must have

I enjoy the verse of the day. It is often encouraging and something to ponder on. I also have enjoyed some of the educational teachings by rc scroll. Brilliant

This is my morning and daily inspiration. Reading and sharing the word of God has made me better equipt to handle daily challenges Muito bom!

I really love this app. The only thing I can think of that would make it better is to revert to adding multiple verses to the DailyVerse. For example, today's is Matthew 22:37-39; however, only verse 37 is shown. I have to search the other verses to read them. I don't mind searching the Word, but having it already shown would be great too. Thanks for reading! :-) Superb!

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