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Best bible app out of 10 ones Ive tried. It reads bible to u & you can choose which version u like. I use KJV. Lets u read along, pause & stop without losing your place. If a phone call comes in it will automatically save your place so you can go back to the passage you were previously reading before the call. It also has about 20 different pastors podcast like Joyce Meyers and Ravi Zacharias. The only negative thing I can say is they don't have an iPhone version yet. Worth it!

I really enjoy the daily Bible verses. However, they should go back to letting a verse come up without requiring a network connection to display the full screen ad before showing the verse. Omg

The advertisements when you open the app could be distracting/irritating, leaving you in a bad mood by the time you get to the verse. I had to turn my volume off for a casino game advertisement Good

Great app to have when you need a verse to get you through each day. My very first daily verse app since forever and has always been my favorite. Amazing!

This used to be my go to app, but I find the ads to be disruptive, breaking my concentration. So on to another app for me. Well done!!

I enjoy being able to start day with verse. Love the ability to read different versions. Like the ability to save verses Awesome

Nice platform for devotion and bible reading. I recommend it to everyone who wants to get closer to God Enjoy it!

Very good thematic thread running through the daily verse. Like the adaptations. Easy share. Must have

The full-screen adverts appearing every time I wish to read the day's bible verse are irritating in the extreme. I appreciate the need for developers to claw back something for their efforts, but some of the adverts are inappropriate and do they need to be full-screen? Works perfectly

Amazing app. It would be even better if I could create a playlist of Daily Plans having the selected dates automatically read to me in a row instead of all ways having to manually switch between them. I like to sometimes read from a week back to the current day. Please consider this for an update. Thanks. God bless. Works great

I look forward to the daily Bible read every day. The Holy Spirit Gives Me wow lol

I really appreciate that you can get to verses with out looking for a long time. I like the daily Bible verse it helps me reflect and practice what I read. I love it. Thanks Enjoy it!

Thank You for creating this wonderful app which always help me to know and ruminate each day's reading! Cool

Its really a good app, i has helped me get closer to God through the daily paryers. Flawless

It helped to encourage our life it always reminds us that God and Jesus is in our life. God and jesus is true love Surprisingly

I like the app cuz it help me to study the bible in a very simple way by listening. Go well

Love this app i listen to the prechers when ever i want and at anytime day or nite..i highly recommend it you won't be disappointed Go well

Perfect for the busy schedule, it helps you weave some scripture into your life. Perfect

I am pleased. This is an excellent bible reading for every day and a good tool to help me to help start a person on their way to being a good steward. wow lol

If you are a believer in Christ and simply enjoy His word and daily reminders of it, this is a great app with the daily verse of the day and podcast from so many pastors to learn from, preaching the truth of the gospel. Be blessed. Superb!

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