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This game is very nice but if you play second time you fell boring but otherwise this game is nice Perfect!

Ok great thank you for letting us spend a bit of time to see if something you need anything from there Omg

well my daughter keeps playing it but she now says that it is boring so i deleted the app she said she was joking she wants to play it again well good thing i change the password in my phone LOL Great!

I think there is no improvement except more things like washing clothes and school Awesome

Great work.but it should have levels.this is seems to be little boring.then nothing 5 star

It's Okay. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because.... TO MANY ADS! OK so yeah Not bad

It's a one day game like if you want a game that lasts only for 3-4 hours then you can download it.. Pretty good

When people say this game does not work that is not true. The game works fine. Just very limited, the graphics are very bad, And it's definitely for little kids but should be a little bit easier if it is for little kids for them to drag certain things and you're constantly asking them for 99 cents which I think is wrong Just wow

I think that this game is fun but it is sooooooooooo slow and it has to much adds also everything is free so that's another fun part about it Fantastic

I loved best friend who have mentioned above is everyday and dropped the destination,work for a buzz in traffic was going for dinner Go well

Its really nice for children to let them now how to Clean and cook Not just Play with Ipads and Phones Fabulous!

Well you don't need to pay it teaches to clean more and it is a fun fun fun game Great!

Bro this dad is retarded Go well

Its absolutely nice but it is logged and the ads are disturbing me by the way im the daughter of this account Brilliant

I thik it's cool because of all images even though I have not downloaded it but it's cool Enjoy it!

It is super awesome and cute to take care dog cute adorable but it is so much fun that's why I like that game Worth it!

I think it's cool and its interesting but I am still downloading it now. I say that is cool because I have saw the pictures. You should try it!!! Fantastic

This game has done good job. I know that this game is very good and the actor of this game is very good. So that is the reason for giving 5 stars. Perfect

This game is just....... Wooooooooooow. I just love it. Oh, tab tale games please make games like this and also better than this. Love you... Pretty good

Can you make a game like mlp see ot on youtube and no pay money in that game please only one time no money Highly Recommend.

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