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After the update, it has somehow messed up the challenge section. Even though I have not completed 500 minutes , it shows tick mark,same for 1k, 5k,10k. Edit : It has been fixed in the latest update. So changing my rating too :) Brilliant

Its a simple app, easy to navigate. You can see your distance, speed, and calories burned by the day, week or month (graphs). There is an option for both measurement systems, and you can set goals. I've been using it for a few weeks and it is very helpful. I'd pay to unlock a version with: -A dark theme (navy blue or black...) -No ads I love how simple it is and easy to use. Sometimes less is more ☺ Muito bom!

After the update, it has somehow messed up the challenge section. Even though I have not completed 500 minutes , it shows tick mark,same for 1k, 5k,10k. Surprisingly

Downoload this app its so nice And helping to look your speed calories km who you drive Downoload it's best app. :) wow lol

Very good app! Gets the accurate distance cycled. Nice to see tick marks in the goal page and helps to keep one motivated. The records page and also the weekly, monthly and yearly statistics are beautifully made. A must have app for every cyclist! Pretty good

Great for tracking miles speed calories. Has preset challenges i find motivating Omg

Its fun and helpful to see my accomplishments, calories burned, speed and distance recording. wow lol

I'm happy with this app. I get to see my route and average speed when I am finished. I would recommend it. Pretty good

I like this app, easy to use, however I get blank screen and crash when I press the share icon, I wonder if this bug cam be fixed? Highly Recommend.

It can be a little frustrating -- if I accidentally hit the home button while I have the app locked I can't get back in and have to abandon all current progress -- but if I'm careful everthing works okay. Worth it!

Ads when you stop the timer bar that it's very accurate at tracking your location or route. Tells you everything you need to know. Quite like the challenges aspect of the app, keeps you pushing yourself Just wow

I like the app, I ride an hour or so every day and it allows me to see daily variances and routes Perfect

sir application is good.but timinig of total duration and work out duration not show.only show total duration.if i rinding cycle but some time after rest again start this time also add in this BOTH timing please show in this application.TOTAL TIME AND WORK OUT TIME... Fantastic

It needs something to when we change cellphones to upload the historic from the old device. Enjoy it!

I like the simple uncluttered format. It contains everything that I want to see. Brilliant

Simple app not too much data great as a starter if new to cycling and want to be calm on the new adventure Worth it!

I'm sure u love it. once u install it....., I Enjoyed my tracking experience today. App contains almost all you required. Worth it!

Great experience , but if u gave voice assistance means it's too good,plz update that feature Not bad

It's simple and fast, none of the bloated features other cycling tracking apps have Brilliant

Superb app fr bicyclees lyk mee and fr others too bt u cnt believe the calories shown by the meter othervise every thing is good Go well

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