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If the app communicated with the pharmacy accurately then I would have no issue but my scrips do not get filled on time and I'm constantly getting text messages that they are ready. My scrips continuously get the child safety cap when I have repeatedly asked for the flip off kind due to my injury.. very aggravating. Pretty good

My coupons never come up when I go to check out even after it says it's loaded to my card and I sent pictures from app to be printed and it cut some of the picture out even though it looks normal from the app.!!! Grrrr Go well

App does a good job giving me info about my prescriptions. Haven't seen any problems. I just think it's a little annoying to log in every time you open the app. Great job

I love this app. I can easily track and reorder prescriptions. Being able to send the coupon and rewards to your card is so much easier. I love being able to have my payment all set up. Yo don't have to us it but it is so easy to us with a 4 digit PIN code. No having to balance a rewards card and a payment. It is just a scan of the QR code. Worth it!

Right now I can only give the app 3 stars because for the last two weeks I get an error message trying to log in to my account with my android that says"Oops, server unavailable." Can log in fine on the computer. When things are working correctly, I love this app ! Great!

I wanted to add my wife to my account so I could refill our Rxs in one place. It asked me to verify her birthday via a text to my phone. I had to tap month by month through 66 years! Then, when I was finally done, the verification page refused to function. Attempting to be diligent, I tried this three times. Over 2,300 taps!! Really? It appears that a high school student developed the app. Please update!! Perfect!

Has great things but most of the time when I put in a prescription request the store doesn't get it even though I get the confirmation. No better to call and leave a message. Horribly inconvenient. Awesome

[[Edit: :since the last review i wrote, on 3/15 or 16 the CVS app today (3/17) is once again working fine. For that I am greatful. Hope it stays fixed! ] ] ______________________________ Last update of CVS app ( 1st week or so of March) will not open AT ALL! When I went to open older app it demanded i update it! I was not allowed to keep app I wanted. Noo...I HAD to download update and now it does not work. I've done everything I know of but until you fix it i am SOL! Just wow

Whenever I try to go to the pharmacy section of the app I keep getting server is unavailable at this time. I already tried uninstalling, re-uploading, and restarting my phone. Been like this for several months now. Very frustrating. Other then that I love the app. Works great

Meh. Coupons are hit or miss. Even though it says it was loaded to your card, half the time at the register they can't "find" it. The prescription portion is a tragedy that is too messed up to go into right now. I do a lot of development, some of which is for apps, and this is one is just not helpful. Could be a five-star app if someone just did a little work on it, but right now it's just a pain. P. S. I love that some of these reviews are about the personnel in the store. What does that have to do with the app? Fabulous!

I have used the app for over a year. Love using it for my shoping and coupons. It is ok for very basic use. It has recently stopped working again with the latest update 3/2018. It is like all every now and then. How are we going to get the "app only" savings if you can't use the app for over a week?! Awesome

It is a good app when it works. I love being able to get me prescription information anytime I want it. But lately everyone I try to sign in it says .oops server unavailable. If they fix it I would definitely give it 5 stars. Go well

does the job mostly for prescription management. painfully slow. did not remember entered address. cannot even enter an address now because the state drop-down doesn't work. Well done!!

It freezes and doesn't load right most of the time. It is slow and it doesnt always pull the right information. It needs work Worth it!

CVS pay rarely works and I can see the my carriers cell tower from the front door of our local store. They cashier scans the phone and it does nothing half the time. Muito bom!

I mainly use the app for my pharmacy. It's slightly frustrating to have to log in everytime instead of being logged in automatically. Overall, it does what I need but could be smoother. love it

Love it so much it's great you know when your prescription is ready without calling the store Fantastic

It's not a click and go app. Even though it is on my phone, I still have to log in every time which means trying to remember the password I have to create every time. Annoying. Works perfectly

I'm new to this app. And I've had have had a bit of trouble navigating it. Also the website has been experiencing difficulties and telling me to try again later but as time progresses I will hopefully give it a 5-star rating. Worth it!

Highly Recommend.

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