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Great Game Plenty of puzzles and hidden object game. Sometimes a little hard to see due to the darker colojred scenes. Addition bonus chapter too!

Good game, not worth the price A good game. Good story and graphics. Not really worth $2.99 however. Once paid its very short game time till you finish it. Wish it was longer. Awesome

Big Fish back on form My last 2 Big Fish games were OK but I had lots of technical problems, so I was a bit worried about trying another. However I'm glad I did. This game had a really good storyline and the graphic were fab. In the HO scenes, you're sometimes given pictures as a guide and sometimes words. The hint button was very useful! The only disappointment was the characters' movements, which weren't smooth. Would like to give it 4 and a half stars!

Cursed fates headless horseman This game is very well made and well thought out. It is one of the best ones I have played.

Headless horseman Loved this game so paid for full version. Now will not let me play it. Keeps shuting down please help, as would like to play !,!! FANTASTIC.finally got it to work great game well worth it

Don't buy this, upgraded it now won't work I liked it, as soon as I paid for the upgrade, now it won't open "java exception error". i have looked at reviews and this is a common error and hasn't been fixed in 7 months, Tried uninstalling it and reinstalled and now I have to restart(if you uninstall it you start over), and next day it doesn't work again, won't go past the point i needed to pay. Waste of money. I have an HTC, I see now I'm not the only one, lots of people are having the same issue. I want my money back.

Excellent Game Very nice graphics, big like. Recommended for a good hidden object game. Worth the money spent.

BFG have done it again! A fan for many years I never thought these games could get any better but thankfully I have been proven wrong. With brilliant graphics, a great storyline, and hidden object scenes and puzzles galore, what more could we ask for? Oh, I know... More of these! Well done to the creators of this. Well worth the money. Good bonus too.

Amazing! Wish I cold give it six stars! One of the best games I've played. There's everything: fantastic graphics, design and soundtrack; challenging but not impossible puzzles; beautiful HOGs; interesting story. And all of this is done masterfully. This was a lengthy game and I simply couldn't put it down. Absolutely worth every penny.

Totally awesome We LOVE this game!! The story line is done perfectly. The graphics are beautiful. The voices are real and well read. We love finding the hidden horseshoes that you can buy trophies with. We just love every aspect of this game!!

Cursing fate Headless Horseman Loved the game can't wait for the next one great effects great puzzles lots of fun!!

Good I've played many and varied games and I always overlooked this one but I found myself really liking it cos it held my interest. Not too easy at times to work out, good graphics and had good flow. Decent

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