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A relaxing and many HO's game! Although I was playing the expert level, the puzzles were pretty easy. If you like a lot of HO's, then this is the game for you. There's horseshoes to find and a map, but that's about it for extras. Even though the game plays at a slower pace than most, the game was somewhat relaxing. I really liked the music as it was soft and calming and suited the game well. All that said, I'm a action, mystery and a intrigued story line type of gal so this game was too slow for me. I also don't care for HO's but if they're done well, I don't mind too much. So, for a good story but a calm and relaxing game, this one is for you. Muito bom!

Pretty good. Free demo is a bit short, hope it's a lot longer for those who pay for full version. Good graphics and ambience. Voice acting is so-so. Touch response worked fine for me. Worth a shot.

Pretty good. Free demo is a bit short, hope it's a lot longer for those who pay for full version. Good graphics and ambience. Voice acting is so-so. Touch response worked fine for me. Worth a shot. Marvelous

Cursed fates horseman Good long play main & bonus chapter, good graphics and good story line no problem playing on Nexus 7. :-) #HiddenObjectAddict

Great game! The games graphics are great and amazing storyline. It's difficult but not difficult to the point where it's frustrating. Great game! Need more!

Just my speed One of the best kind of hidden object adventures, to my mind: a one-time fee rather than constant payouts to advance gameplay, excellent graphics, nicely mid-level challenges, clear goals along the way, and a reasonably interesting story (with very mild demonic elements--it's ludicrous how many of these games insist on including hell-stuff). No glitches for me, either. Very nice!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S ❓I love this game. It needs to be tweaked really bad. When you pick something up, you can't put it down. It's like it's sticky. The part I got to play free was really good. But tedious because it's still got too many bugs. Cool

Brilliant Just entered the gate to the town, so far it's the best mystery puzzle/point and find game I've played to date! Love the animations, artwork and voiceovers.. Very enjoyable! Worth it!

Enjoyable game The only down side is you can't skip the beginning scene so have to watch it over and over again Not bad

Would be nice if... There's an interactive map that shows where the actions are, and; if the Hint recharges quicker in casual mode. One over sight is, you cannot tap on the inventory items to read the label of an item, so you end up tapping anywhere on the screen to toggle off, and you end up getting a snarky remark that you misused the item. Otherwise, it could have been a five-star game.

Favorite BF game so far Great story, no lag, hints work great and make the game fun. I'm lazy and if I get stuck prefer the hint to tell me what to do, instead of having to pull up the walk through or quitting. This game is exactly that, hints make getting stuck impossible, so you can just enjoy playing the game. HOS are fun too. Definitely worth buying.

Another great game from Big Fish Great game. Shame some scenes are so dark and scene changes can be a little slow or drawn out. But good fun

Cursed fate This game would have five stars, but the ho I found to be dark. The animation does leave room for improvement. There was also no flow to the game having to use hints to know where to go next in some scenes. I have played better. That said I like these puzzle games wish we had more.

One of the very best Android hidden object adventures One of my all time favorite hidden object adventures on PC, I decided to replay on Android and this version does not disappoint. A high quality title from top to bottom, this version feels completely at home on the Android platform. Highly recommended for just about anybody looking for an excellent game to play!

Only buy if you can finish in one sitting! It's beautiful with gorgeous, polished cut scenes, the mini-games are fun, hidden object scenes are zoomable and not frustrating. One of the best I've played. I played to chapter 6 and had to log out, but couldn't login again. Gave me a Java error message. Uninstalled and reinstalled, had to start over, got through chapter 4, had to log out and can't log back in again. Same Java error. Contacted them for tech support or refund. Tech support was great. When they couldn't fix my issue, they gave me a full refund.

Kewl Game This game is fun and interactive. It reminds me of the movie. I love all hidden object games. I think they should make them a lot more scarier. :-)

Cursed Fates Horseman This is a excellent game very fun to play I have played it 5 times because this game is awesome

What a nice game It was dead simple. games were easy really relaxing to end the day. No errors or boring delay times between screens. Nice extra horseshoe collection. Fab

Great game but, On my Galaxy S5 when I turn the game off , it will not reload and leaves an error message. I have tried 4 times because it IS such a great game! Anyone else having this problem? Same problem as Kaye Janet!!!

Awesome but.... I love this game, it has amazing graphics, it is challenging and very entertaining. Right out of the gate it manages to grab your attention with the opening video, and then keeps you hooked, it's very hard to put down. But what I wish it would tell you, is that you only get to finish to chapters of the game, before you are prompted to purchase the full version, and believe me, it doesn't take long to complete the first 2 chapters.

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