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I loved this game so what there is 7 levels only but there is soooo much of fun. Even ma sister also liked this game. I think everyone should play it Well done!!

All ok except for so many ads my little one keeps hitting the ads and spoils the pleasure and enjoyment. Brilliant

I love horses and Tooth Fairy 's I think it's tweny percent cooler than the other games I have Worth it!

Is there more levels than just 7 should create more levels for this game its cute Amazing!

This game is awesome because you can custmise your horse and the ad's are not alot. Brilliant

It's kinda slow, and it's short well not short just there's not a lot of levels. So it would be great if you made more levels and make it faster. Superb!

It's a nice game till now and i like it.I don't know how it goes afterwards but it's nice. Enjoy it!

This is a good game to play when you are bored but not any other time because it's kind of boring Amazing!

I wish it had more levels honestly but otherwise I found it a nice experience. Controls were a bit iffy on the finger painting but everything else was good. I appreciate it for being correct on horse foot care as well. I loved the art design it's a good game I hope there's more to it in the future. Well done!!

I really like it. My two year old daughter was slightly interested. It can be a little involved for a short attention span. I bet she is going to love it as she matures :) Perfect

Hey when i first tried this game it turned out amazing I will definitely rate this game so it will get better than usual Muito bom!

Horses games Lovely game and even the hores also but it has so few levels the game is to good I love it Good

Not enough levels It is a nice game but it don't has enough levels I must have gave it 5 stars but I didn't because of the levels . Add more levels!!!!! Brilliant

All this above OMG this game is fun and simple anyone could do it. Loved the colors and horse care Great job

This game is awesome because,you get to clean three horses and style a tooth fairy! Awesome

Love it It tells you how to do it, finally,I have been looking for a game like this it is so awesome I love this game, do you guys tho? I know that I do...and I love horses and they are pretty AWESOME!!!!!! Omg

djvnsifvsnainadhfv cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 star

To little It's fun once you start but it only goes to level 7 and then you can't do anything . I finished and deleted it in less than a minute Awesome

Loved it alot! Awsome!!! I absulootly love it and it's awsome my daughter Sara is 8 even then she loved it and play it every day but make the levels more and make more kids games! Cool

So cute and fun! The graphics are so detailed and not fuzzy or fake looking like a lot of the other games similar to this one. My girls love it, and they absolutely love that nothing is locked to where they only get to pick between one or two items all the time. Thanks so much! Good

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