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This game is simple but it teaches you how to properly take care of a horse, without all the frilly stuff I mean, but it makes it a beautiful app and it's great for all of those girls who want a pony/horse. It teaches them there is more to owning one than it just being fun, there's a lot of work involved too! Perfect!

Yes you said correct only Robert, It shows Soooo many ads after very level that is 30 seconds so, I hate this game, this is only the problem...... Flawless

It's a good game but I am so angry because every time I want to play the game I have to go into play store because the game is not saved on my phone Must have

I think this is a great game to get kids involved with all the ponys/horses because little kids sure do love horses and playing with them. But for me it is a really entertaining game but not only that, they have good technics and i like all the different types of horses and different levels. Just wow

My daughter loves this game, but found it frustrating that everytime she went from one area to the next ads popped up and interrupted the game play. I paid the 1.99 to remove ads and everything was good until a recent update that has, guess what, a game ad popping up like before. Can you please help? Must have

I liked it but it really wasn't what i was expecting! So its a four Amazing!

it is good and creative you can do different things with different horses. I like the unicorn it's really cute I like the horse two it's really nice. you can saddle them up and paint the fairys dresses 5 star

This is an amazing app I loved it so much Awesome

I absolutely loved this game, though I finished all the levels in about five minutes and I can't work out how to get the rest of them as there are only about 10.if there are more levels I would be very grateful how to locate them,but for now I am going to delete the app as there is nothing else for me to do on it Fantastic

I would play it all the time. Well done!!

I got this game for my two wonderful younger siblings and they love it,but ads keep popping up, could you update the game so that there are less ads and more time to play thank you . Fabulous!

I love it it has great control it has you can do anything you want and I love it thank you 5 star

I like the game and I want more levels but 1 thong I don't like about it is that there are to many ads Works perfectly

I think this is the best game ever and since I love horses and all that I knew this was the right game for me I am a girl but this is just my step dad's account Good

It is good game but it should have more levels is having on his 7 levels but they are to interesting Brilliant

It's good but that's only seven levels and my sister love this game so much then the the app that you have to buy and my mom won't let me do it Omg

It is an ok game for little girls i guess but it only has 7 levels that a4e rewlly short and after i did them 2 times i decided to uninstall. Worth it!

Loved the game most among the others and wanted that u should also install such games ❤❤ Superb!

Love it but kinda for baby's so bull studios make a game with witch or drama in it Works perfectly

Great game but although every time I color in the outfit the game switches my phone off please fix the issue Amazing!

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