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Lovely, fun game. I'm just glad I didn't play at night, because I found it had a bit of a creepy vibe. Loved it though, pretty challenging but not too hard. Flawless

In comparison with other cube series this one was alittle boring. But still the puzzles were great Brilliant

This one had a bit of an abrupt ending and it wasn't nearly as creepy as the first two games, but I liked it. The last puzzle with the weights was my favorite. On to the next game! Enjoy it!

I really enjoyed this 3rd one in the series of Cube Escape. This episode has some humorous nods to Van Gogh with the usual creepy factor that is in all Rusty Lake games, although this one felt more mild as far as icky content goes. It was interesting, fun, a bit challenging. It was quick but not a waste of time like The Lake. Nice little game. Awesome

Felt like the ending was empty. Though I'm proud this is my first cube escape that I managed to finish all on my own :3 Just wow

Non intrusive ads, some nice ideas, the theme is quite original too. Only complaint is that it's way too short! I thought I was done with the intro when I realized it was actually the end... Omg

This game really surprised me, I absolutely love it and I am looking forward to playing them all. Thank you for developing such a kick ass game, I normally find it hard for me to find something that captures my interest for more than 5 minutes but I have been playing for 3 days straight! Marvelous

Cube Scape Rocks...when other games do not appeal you, cube scape is here to entertain you Worth it!

Such a lot of love has gone into this app. The paintings and events of Van Gogh's life beautifully replicated as an escape game. The puzzles are intriguing but solvable. Worth a go!

Nifty little point & click puzzle-game. If you're looking for a quick fix this is just the game. There's an intriguing overarching story throughout all the Rusty Lake games which in itself is told as a mystery for the player to solve. An absolute worthwhile selling point, in my opinion. Fantastic

Great game, with one issue - it doesn't stop running on my Nexus 6p with Oreo when I exit it, which of course kills my battery. I proved this out recently by exiting by backing out, then noting that the music continued to play. That and the battery usage continued to grow, which is a bit of a bummer. Highly Recommend.

Another amazing game of the Rusty Lake series. It's shorter than other "cube escape" games, but not less enjoyable. Brilliant

Fantastic!!!!! What a wonderful experience playing this game! It's very creative to join Van Gogh's painting with the clues, going to play others in this series! Love this!!! Worth it!

Amazing but unfortunately a little too short. Tge fact that it's about Van Gogh makes it even better. Art enthusiasts will find this one a blast. Fantastic

This is a lot more interesting than the previous ones in the series... I guess its because that it starts to use some mythical and magical unexpected features which makes it unique. Great!

A fun departure from the other games in this series! It has a painting puzzle which is the best kind AND you're inside a Van Gogh painting! Amazing!

Beautiful graphics and an addictive, pleasantly difficult escape the room game. I will be downloading other ones. Worth a go!

Wonderful for lateral thinking. I enjoyed the "riddles" thoroughly. I wish it was a longer chapter; it was actually quite touching Great job

LOVED IT!! Best way to spend about an hour and a half of free time (the length it took me to complete this game). Would def recommend!! Worth a go!

I like every cube escape episode but this was so so. I rate 5/5 just because Rusty Lake makes a very good job wow lol

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