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Cool Ok think this game tells lies but I love keeping Melanie busy with this app but when I asked it if I love my mom it said NO and I LOVE my mom she is awesome Pretty good

I don't care what anybody says it's awesome even if it only answers yes or no questions it's still a really fun I mean it's just a great way to pass time!

It keep saying no It keep saying no but like only abit of yes although I ask if I will graduate High School? But no so I will stay at High School FOREVER..............maybe.

Um... This game is fun and all but it lies and for some things u day to it, for ex. U suck, it will say things that don't exactly make sense like yes

LOL! I asked the ball a couple questions about my crush, and the ball said that he didn't like me, so this is what happened... After all of that, I typed in "YOU SUCK" and the ball said "Yes"... LOL

Some truth,some lie My name is Katie.when I asked it if my name was Katie it said no.When I asked it if I was in seventh grade it said yes.And I am.When I asked it if my mom's name was Karla it said yes,and it is.When I asked it if I was twelve it said no.And thats a lie I am I'm not sure if it's a good app or not but it's your choice to download it or not.So put a review and others will see what u think of it.Good Luck.

OK I guess... I thought it was an ok app but it usually only says yes or no.If I don't ask a yes or no question I get a really

Love this app its amazing! its very truthful! just make sure you dont ask the same question twice! This app is awesome!

Love this app its amazing! its very truthful! just make sure you dont ask the same question twice! This app is awesome! Amazing!

i liked it alot the app was ok but i really cant ask that many questions. plz plz plz make it better so like people can have moar fun tbh its really ok make the changes and it will be five stars hands down!

What the heck It takes forever to download so I give it 1 star and the other 2 stars are for the effort

Yes, I are. I don't really care that it lies to me. It's just fun to use. Also, I asked, "Are you terrible at subject-verb agreement?" It said, "Yes I are." You guys will love it, and if you ask it if you're dead or something obvious like that and it says yes, then don't blame it. You gave it the chance to lie.

Helps `~` I think it's about time for an update!? Come on its been two years! I like it but Sometimes it's messed up But other than that its okay

Awesome yet creepy and mystic! It's awesome because it answers any question u want and it is very truthful. But here's what's creepy about it... when I asked, "Will the boys find out I'm a kitsune?" It said, "Yes, they will" I replied with, "Will it happen sometime around this month?" The crystal ball said, "Yes, it will" and I went with a simple, "Do they suspect me already?" Guess what? It said, "Yes, they do". That explains the descreet peeks at me from Liam. I was like, "CREEPY PASTAS!!" Plz install, it tells the truth! ;)

The best fortune telling app ever! It was brilliant. The reason I gave 4 was because I asked will .... love me, it said no. I asked will I marry them and have kids it said yes. So I asked again, will .... love me, it said yes. Apart from that, it excelled the standards I thought it would be at.

Crystal ball REALLY WORKS ! In the span of a single weekend this app has brought me vast amounts of money. And i am really famous now too :-)

#make-friends Almost all right!!! It is a great!!!! It is 95% accurate!! I asked it if I was going to get a surprisr today and I did!!!

I now rely on this for all my decisions!! This app is a total life saver. I now no longer get headaches from thinking about stuff, the app helps me arrive at an answer in a jiffy!. Recommend to get Crystal Ball APK.

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