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Good game... but right now i cant connect to server... whats wrong? Can you fix the problem? Pretty good

This is awesome is about the china history three kingdom.and the graphics is awesome . Muito bom!

I love Story of Dynasty. All heroes and troops is good make improve the background and the floor in battle field . add more awesome Genarals okay . this game have a good potential . and i wish this not "Shutdown" More Power Keep it Up thank you. Perfect

Really annoying bug I really like to play this game, but I found d an annoying bug that won't let me detach anything. It will just freeze or show a loading icon. Great!

Excellent Game Great animation & many strategy to play. Low Vip also can be the top 10 in Arena. Fantastic

70 % good. One question: where can i enter the giftcode? This section gone after the last update. Omg

Good strategy game Lots of various combinations and strategy available n that made the game interesting. Will be great if we can save the various combinations of generals rather than having to repick the generals n buff hero n weapons each time we want to change which makes it very troublesome. Pretty good

Best strategy game ever This game is awesome with best future content, and play with much strategy make us so cozy to play this game. Never boring with this game couse had many event on it. Tumbs up for this app Awesome

Bug The game is ok. But theres a bug on the lubu one. On the "ask lubu" map, when you are about to finish, lubu retreats as normal. But the his charactrr gets stuck at the gate and the game goes crazy. My army chases him and but doesnt attack the gate as normal. Times just runs out. Perfect

Just enjoyable game Need more internet connection to access the game because got difficulty when login in the connection not strong enough

GREAT GAME KEEP IT UP :D I've been waiting for this game for days and now it's released damnnn great game thumbs up :D

Woooott 1 of the best 3 kingdom game ive ever played ! Thanks guyss and keep up the good work.

Good Game Edit: After playing for a week it's a pretty good game. Graphics and game play are smooth especially with multiple armies fighting.

Just amazing Graphics are great, heroes are great, everything is amazing, love it so much. By far the best game I have played .

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