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Nice range of difficulty from quick 1 minute puzzles to some taking days to complete. Tons of puzzles at each level Surprisingly

I love this game but I just swapped phones and it won't allow me to restore purchases. I'm not buying it again Cool

This is a great app, very simple but fun and a good range of puzzles for all abilities. The ads are not too intrusive, and often interesting! However, this loses marks for the most recent update. The unnecessary decision to add buttons for clear and x makes it more laborious, and it is now impossible to move the screen without leaving marks (or clearing cells), often without noticing, a big problem on the larger puzzles. 5 star

I've been addicted to this game for years, even after all these years the devs still regularly update with new puzzles. No ads, no fluff. Best game I've purchased. Superb!

При запуске приложения оно стало глушить музыкальный плеер, даже не смотря на то, что звуки в приложении отключены Omg

Great game, and the only one I come back to regularly on the store. Using the sync key is a great way to store progress across devices if you don't use Facebook. I was impressed to find my progress still stored in the sync key after 6 months of not playing. Must have

For every free puzzle i have to watch an advertisement. Other than the game is ok Perfect!

Challenging, yet peaceful game to take your mind off things. A fun puzzle game. A good way to pass the time. Enjoy it!

The premium version is worth every cent. I've been playing this for almost 5 years as they keep adding updates, and over 3 devices. Best game ever for keeping my mind occupied while I binge watch Netflix. Works great

New puzzles infrequently added, otherwise rating would be a 5. Dropping to 3 stars. Are new puzzles ever going to be added?? wow lol

I love this game, I paid extra for the seemingly unlimited amount of puzzles but even when you don't the game is very fun, just a little bit short Brilliant

I love the game, and there's new updates often. Devs are very responsive to issues. Great!

You receive hundreds of puzzles. Very important: the achievements can be transferred to other device! Perfect!

I am a great fan of these puzzles. I like the different levels of difficulty. However, the most difficult puzzles are too small. And would be nicer if there were x's to mark positive blank spaces. Upgrades would be helpful. Muito bom!

Been playing this game for years. I must of paid a long time ago, and it's been worth it! I love that I can sync in between devices so I don't lose my progress and the hints are a nice touch. Marvelous

While the free version is a bit heavy handed (one video per puzzle seems like a lot), this is the best picro.... Ahem, Nonogram app I've found. Nice puzzles, decent challenge. The controls could be improved, it's a bit annoying on a small phone screen, but otherwise very good. Flawless

Love the game but if the puzzle is bigger then the squares are impossibly small. Also the graphics are not so great on most of the puzzles. Most times I can't see the picture unless I see what the title of it is after I have solved it, and sometimes I still can't see what they say it is. 5 star

Absolutely FANTASTIC game! Far better than all my expectations. Thoroughly recommend. wow lol

Amazing puzzle game, but if you dont really understand the game you will be lost and mad cause it is a great puzzle game. Best advice is go on YouTube and watch a how to play. 2 videos later and im blasting through puzzles and i love it. Worth a go!

Absolutely amazing game!! It helps with my thinking, and it is just a truly wonderful game. It's challenging, but you feel so great when you finish a puzzle! So satisfying too! Flawless

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