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Most simple stuff you could find. Only thing missing is. Audio splitter. But amazingly simple intuitive app. Thanks guys Fabulous!

It is OK but the horn and other things. I cannot get them because I have to buy them and that is not fear so not Go well

Loved how easy it is to start mixing even with no knowledge of Djing!! The quality is great and the whole layout is as well. Only reason i gave it 4 stars is because there's no way to save your mix directly to your device without having to upload your kid to the app itself. I had to upload some pretty embarrassing "mixes" just to be able to save em on my device. Other than that it's worth the money to get the pro version. Brilliant

It's The Best Android Dj App Just Loved It The only thing that bothers me is that in the FX section there's nothing to show high and low so it gets confusing some time and could easily ruin a good mix! Perfect

IDK what to say.. but it will be great if you make the free edition have a bit more feature than before. It is because not everyone have money to buy yours app. Flawless

Great app, easy to use and learn. Beginner to Pro friendly. The only DJ app I prefer to have fun with. Two thumbs up. Awesome

Exellent application . Easy to mix any song. Please add + or - pitch control buttons. Brilliant

Yep..Best DJ App out there on phones, no doubt...but u guys could even give us Free Recording... come on man, we love us back a little love Great!

I love this app. With this app we can play online songs but in between it get restarted but the songs r loaded, but cant be played. correct this default and it will be no. 1 Cool

I love this app. With this app we can play online songs but in between the get restarted but the songs r loaded but cant be played correct this default and it will be no. 1 Recommend

This go hard but ya need to unlocked the buy items on this app so more people can download it Marvelous

I would give it a 5 star but it glitches ur phone and when u play the songs they sound horrible Worth a go!

I am getting an error while using it with iPad: Stream error. No audio data. Please check your network configuration, or maybe the audio file is invalid. Worth a go!

Great app, I just think that we shouldn't have to pay to record audio, now this app seems a bit pointless :/ Please fix Perfect!

Loved it The app is nice, only that I am finding challenges when it is opening, and closing. It freezes and crashes. N8R. Need help quick please. Otherwise this is the first ever DJ mixer/player I have ever downloaded successfully! Please fix the problem. Go well

I enjoy playing and practicing. He guys! Sometimes the volume goes down. Sometimes it won't respond like it freezes. If you can fix this then I could DJ for longer time. Thanks Recommend

Hell !!!! No man....asking to buy everything FX, effects.....then why is installation is free. It's not giving free even basics effects, at least eding app is giving free basics effects. Instead of buying every effects, i would recommend to buy djay app in money Works perfectly

You get so much for what you don't pay for.. made available to me things I could not afford. lovin it every day.. Flawless

Well developed and actual mixing is possible and glad to have this app but sometimes it hangs and songs mismatched and pitched got slow, if u can develop it the problem which I told then I would like to reinstall again...... Do reply Pretty good

I can't get the full version of the Cross DJ mix music... Why? Help me how to get it pls... Perfect

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