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Best app for remixing songs for parties, just like virtual Dj. Auto match bpm is the best thing. Only one flaw is that you guys should add similar songs function I. E after analyzing the song, u should add compatibility song function I. E particular song can be remixed with particular song. Superb!

Worth the money I put into it, I can literally do my DJ work I used to do on the computer on the go now, I can't ask for something more cool than that really Just wow

Very nice app. I've tried the others for Android. This is by far the best out there. The only down side is lag. Pretty good

It's grt,bt I've difficulties unlocking all it's features.Wish u gev us easier way2 purchase.Card not going thru. Superb!

I think that the mixing line is bigger so you can mix different genras together also more effects for reggae that can be used proper sound effects Perfect

This is an amazing app I have no knowledge of djing an I can do extreme remixes. There is doing sound cloud wich you can remix any song that you like if I can give 6 stars then I would Worth it!

I think this app should get 8 stars not 5, man this app is spectacular. Over all I do what I do on this app for fun n I don't think I will delete this app for a long time Surprisingly

I think best djmixing app in playstore .. That is crossdj... Omg Nice performance Vry good sound qulity Suppbb Iloved it.. I think thhis app should get 8 star.. 5 star

I think you can basically walk in a party plug your phone to the system and steal the show from the big DJ Pretty good

Awesome why aren't you downloading this already... Best app out there, pretty much solid Fabulous!

Mine freezes every time I put in a new song and...its making me unprofessional.. Plz fix Perfect

Good app, but I feel like DJing on a phone doesn't really work. Probably would work better on a tablet. I use a real MIDI controller for my mixing. Brilliant

i would have really loved it if you guys made it moveable to memory card for the sake of those whose phone don't really have a big internal memory. but this is my bes djing app. kudos 5 star

Awesome app,this app is seriously amazing I've tried so many apps in play store but none them were good only this app is very much cool and very easy and simple,in everything, Even the look of the app is good it has a good UI wow nice work Congratulations for whoever made this cool app Marvelous

Love the design, and it immediately found all my music and playlists. But it crashed twice in the first ten minutes. I'll explore after the next update. Must have

very awesome app, real dj player app atomix sam feature. very nice app. i like this app. Worth a go!

I want to buy full version but payment is made in dollars. How does one buy it in ZAR? Awesome

I just made a mix which is currently 7 minutes long, I'm trying to add to it but when I load it onto the deck, the track won't load at all. The turntable spins but the music isn't there. Good

I really feel the mix pad music bit I wish this app letest updates do plese launch new features for this app it's relly awesome.....I love it Perfect!

Works very very good!!! Using this to Dj make my life complete... along with God too Works great

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