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This app is nearly flawless, I just wish it had better SoundCloud searching. For example, it would be nice to search by genre or style of the music not just the artist or track titles. Go well

This app let's u get a look at what dee-jaying was about shortly b4 turn tables just about became extinct. Perfect

Sab thik hai sampler ke liye charge Dena padta kai no west time sabse best virtual DJ hai Good

Great app guys this app made me forget all about the DJ app that I was using before I'm not saying any names but if you know who used to be the best you know what app I'm talking about Fantastic

This is the best mixer in the store. Even if you want the locked items, you can get them for only 5 dollars! Totally worth it! Amazing!

Tell me how to use this app step by step... complete newb. I like the app, but have no idea how to use... plus the auto mix function made me think it was gonna be awesome.. disappointed Works great

It's so amazing the only thing unhappy is that I don't have all the the features they hv'e write buy buy Brilliant

It good how it just jumps start it into it however it is not functioning correctly as it always fails and interrupts my djing by stopping it so you have to reload the application Great!

Please why doesn't not find my full SoundCloud play list perfect app besides that ..will take answer via email Fabulous!

im giving 5 star to this cross dj app because it's really nice and totaly im having fun mixing my music to this app Muito bom!

Great app! When everyone in the waiting room is playing candy crush or whatever, I'm trying to make a mix! (With my headphones on or not lol) Love it! Just wow

Great set up for beginners and experienced djs alike it's good for passing time Will travelling or hat a party with now set up this app is more than capable of getting any party rocking!! In the right hands of course :) Fantastic

Great in mixing songs. Effects are a disaster since you pay for them but when you apply them the overall volume increases, ruins the effect. Highly Recommend.

Gud will be good if you can add pitch bend buttons.some track won't sinc accordingly. But the app is working gud....cheers Fantastic

Gud will be good if you can add pitch bend buttons.some track won't sinc accordingly. But the app is gud for mixing....Boom Not bad

I love using the app, I use it quite a lot when I'm on the go. The reason for 4* is because you cannot use us storage via OTG cable, my device can support this. If you can implement this you'll get 5* from me. Apart from this the app is amazing. Please implement external storage loading. Brilliant

Love the app but its a bit hard to use at first it be great if there were tutorials on how to cut and add music but overall its a great app Go well

I love the apps lets use cloud to mix is nice plus this will help learn how to dj Not bad

It is a good app for playing DJ at your home and anywhere. I like it most, i rcommended to all of yous Amazing!

The song says is not supported. I can't even put it on my video cause its not supported!!! Plz fix!!!! Must have

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