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Could have a better set up for volume and eq s. Its the best DJ app so far.lots of fun Works perfectly

Awesome! I love it, great features and simple to use. The best I have seen so far. Superb!

I like the app but why do you need a dollar just to record a mix. Can you please let recording mixes be free. Fabulous!

So far so good! Still have to fix stability likewise free is better with full functions than paid applications. Great job

Its great and everything ,but just this one problem like why do a person have to buy the samplers and effects? Pretty good

I have paid versiin of croass dj. Synchronization between two song is the only best thing in cross dj.... Where as other effect does not synchronize properly with running song. It you keep on playing on certain fx for some moment you see that the song keep on running and it messes up your rythm. Looping is the worst as compared with edjing-5.... In edjing-5 loops work perfectly and you can repeat any part of song without disturbing the rythm of beats. Marvelous

Love it! Does things no other similar app can. Only suggestion is have an option to assign more simultaneous drops. 5 star

The best deejaying app in Google play. I'm so thankful I found it. Mixvibes, you made me extremely happy. I can mix my own recordings into instrumentals while editing them. This app rocks! Truly, 5 thousand stars hands down. Omg

Amazing and easy to use DJ app. Can mashup songs from Soundcloud, which is very useful. Overall, really good Works great

Simplicity is the main thing about it. I started to learn n practice dj ing with it and moved up to professional deck. Love it Enjoy it!

This app get hangs when it's on 128-130 bmp and above.. Or else this app is amazing....Only you should fix the problem where it hangs at 128 and above bpm Awesome

it's a complete app for quality music lovers. it has the quality of both worlds a clear,loud & without ignoring the bass,treble,middle like equalizers it keeps to continue enjoying music in whatever the occasion is you will mean it and love it Highly Recommend.

It crashing and auto restarted It's awesome . . . .fantastic logo and all features are fantabulous, but the issue is it's crashing after around 20min. ... Sometines it's stop working or hagging the sound and thereafter automatically closed.... Sometime it restart automatically... Solve the crashing issue on long time Muito bom!

NO EXTERNAL EQ SUPPORT :'( I couldnt find any eq supporting this app. Everyrhing else works great! If you can, please notify me about this external eq thing.! Not bad

I love this app, everything is perfect. But I'm having some trouble logging into soundcloud, the page can't load and log me into the app. I don't know if this is my phone's problem or not but I would really like some help anyway. love it

I love that every song downloaded automatically goes to the cross dj libary the only thing that i am having problems with is uploading my mixes can someone please explain to me how come when my mixes are uploaded successfully it does not appear and it won't register when i type my name in what am i doing wrong? Surprisingly

Definitely a superb DJ app! Friendly and clean UI with color customizable decks and quick track loading! My favorite feature is the ability to independently swap each deck's UI to control eq, effects and loop functions. Cross DJ is my go to DJ app! I have never had an issue with recording to my device or loading tracks. Average mix is around 30 min long but some mixes have been up to 60min. It has the best auto sync that will not only sync BMP but it will drop the snare on the snare! Flawless

Way better than other dj apps, this one really sync the tracks. One minor bug: sometimes the drum loops doesn't work well. Other than that, great app! Marvelous

I hear that we can no longer mix anything that's streamed. Shame. I've loved it so far. Don't let your loyal fans down!! Great job

Loses the bpm tags every time I restart my device, then takes hours to rescan all the tracks. Such a waste of time Brilliant

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