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Great! A minor issue is that, when played with the screen off or in the background, the audio tends to skip or glitch out. A similar thing happens when two songs are on the turntable. Awesome

The tracks crackle and when I sync tracks they are always 3 beats out of loop. Galaxy s8 Just wow

Very good, ez to use. Only thing can't share my mix with any other source only sound cloud. would be awesome if u were able to, but overall very good app Works perfectly

been using this mixer app for years now, and it's still my go-to music apps! very satisfied with it Works great

Thank you so much for this App. I would like to buy other features in the App but I have failed, kindly guide me on how I will manage to buy and the efficient means of payment. Well done!!

Love using cross dj. Really easy to use and great to play my old skool tracks. Makes me feel like I could DJ for real. Well done on a great app Surprisingly

This is actullay cool wish I could be a DJ and it give me it if people think it is boring the lie F Fantastic

To be honest, it was cool until the video ads. They're too annoying for me, had to uninstall. Good

Tried a ton of different dj apps. This one is by far the best! I have dj'd numerous parties using nothing more than my phone and no one knew the difference! Well done!!

I thank cross DJ for there good job you guys are doing, just that I love mixing music and I don't have money to buy record, samples and auto mix, I love cross DJ. Go well

I can access the folders... but songs don't appear as written... some mp3s appear as tracks... but overall... it makes playing my music seamless... only after I paid for the package... which wasn't a bad price to get rid of the adds & add other features.... Omg

Great app makes it easy to dj and start mixing. Wish you could upload to soundcloud though and there are a few bugs which need fixing Worth a go!

Xz premium snapdragon 835 crackling while playing the song posponed my live play session of tonight..... Fix it Fantastic

Great app. Still needs work on folder and track menus. Still hasn't found all my tracks but great for a phone DJ app Surprisingly

It's a best Dj app to learn in a disko.I love it very much. It's control is ok. Plz download and learn to Dj. Thank you. Awesome

Great app. Always handy to have just in case there's a party. Got me into djing now have a full set up. This is a great back up just in case. Enjoy it!

Can you fix the record button, everytime I finish a remix, leave the app, go back in, it flashes red as if its ready to record when Didnt even click it yet Awesome

Too good app i give it five star if it's amazing functions gives free I want some feature in free Amazing!

It's great, but for some reason I can't load any mixes I've made into Deck A or B. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and the app is up to date so no problems there. The app will say it's there and I am able to push play but there aren't any lines indicating sound in the top right corner and nothing plays. So I usually have to Upload my unfinished mix to Soundcloud and then download it off of there where I then can put the mp3 version of the mix into the deck with no problem but aac version still won't work. Help please? Galaxy S7 Edge Cool

Great App, but should be upgraded for song identification and sharing. But please give me the features I paid for. Thanks Just wow

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