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Neat App This one indeed is a pretty simple app with a neat design. I like the feature to view folders in the explorer.

Not the best nor the worst but an OKAY APP I was definitely expecting a bit more features but the ones that it came with are okay. Though it does have its glitches. For example,the music play stops for a second when i would either put my screen horizontally or vertical -_- Another thing is that when i would pause the B track that would also pause the playing audio of the A track. So overal its OKAY

Best DJ App! If you load the songs for your set, you can DJ a full show. Avoid loading randoms to your phone and be a conversation topic by blowing everyones mind on how good you do with just a phone. Buy the full version to maximize your potential.

Best in the entire market. After searching through literally hundreds of different types of apps similar to this, I have come across this cross DJ app and have fell in love with it user ability once you get the hang of its settings and parameters, I've had a blast of fun every time I open it and I would like to congratulate its developers for doing a fantastic job emulating such technical hardware. Furthermore your wait is over download this and try it, the worst that can happen is that you don't like it and you have to uninstall it.

Cross dj It's nice but at the top like menu is there it doesn't work they are giving options to buy it Worth a go!

Great app Every time I analyze my music it deletes it and I have to do it all over again. Is it my phone or app? Muito bom!

Most best dj app First I saw in my friend's mobile then I called him to play this app.since then i love this appp so much Good

LOVE IT Cross DJ!!!! It's a very nice app , the best I've seen so far. But there's room for improvement and i really think that they should have given us free samplers without having to pay for them ..... Marvelous

Amazing app!!!! It's a great dj app the best 1 see so far..Love It igs cool i mix cool music i have sound cloud its cool who ever made this app i like them.... Surprisingly

Great app Cross DJ Free!!!!! Love this app it's just for me!! This app it's work very lucky to found this kind of amazing app it's work very nicely with my samsung galaxy grand Phone.... Omg

Its Amazing Omg! This software is very nice.... now i dont hv to mix music from my Laptop when i go for house parties. I just do it on my phone with this App. wow lol

It's wow Good to learn and the mixing ....but the only thing is can not use more effects for mixing Worth a go!

It is the best DJ mixer app which I have ever seen. Recommend

I luv it now i can mix songs. Marvelous

Awesome Autoplay mode should shuffle the music instead of playing sequentialy.Please make an update for this!. . Fabulous!

This is a good & cool DJ Program recommended This is a good & cool DJ Program recommended and have full version <3 all features and keep them supported Controllers coming!! Must have

LOVE IT but.. What is the difference between the free version and pro I bought all of the effects in value pack but I don't see the difference between free and the pro version Surprisingly

Boss!! This is the best DJ app out there! You can mix over 50,000,000 songs from SoundCloud, which is awesome!! Also, the pro version is cheaper than other DJ apps, and have more content. Mixvibes is awesome! Pretty good

Amazing! I love this app i recommend for small house parties and such to bad we have to buy all the effects but it's an awesome app over all Awesome

Nexus 7 2013 I haven't bought the pro version because the 'slip mat' works too slow if I want to do turntablism. For instance you have 2 tunes the same and you just want the break beat to play, like "funky drummer". The first bar of the tune you play,flick over the cross fader and play the other. With this app it's impossible. Sorry just mixing one tune in the other tells me you've found out what the cross fader does, turntablise the tune...and your a dj. Turntables on this app needs to work like slip mats.(like edjing) Pretty good

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