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I swear great app but if I make one more mix that's about 1-1/2hr long and it crashes before I can finish that's it uninstalling it Brilliant

It's a very good app and I would recommend it to anyone. But every time I go through the playlist it keeps crashing. Can you all fix this problem please. 5 star

I think this app is the best mixing platform I have ever fell across but if the recording part of it was free. The beter. Coz I very much would like to listen to my work after wards to ensure my status and acquaintance. But anyway I recommend you download it. Peace Amazing!

Application very superb And super remix But pads premioum not ok Etlest one pad example with free better Superb!

Easy and fun mixing songs/ tunes from SD card or SoundCloud. On the two decks. And your better of buying the full version unlocks load of stuff not in the demo . Also if makeing recording mixed better too keep them 1 hour time limit max as i found this is the best for me ... P.s also good app if you have the ppsspp gold app. Has it still plays music while you play your games. for those games that are slow even after frame skip and you have to turn off the audio for the game so it's not jumping... Sadly it won't play own recorded mixes after you press the home button has it shut it down . But automix is fine Awesome

This app is great I use it a lot unfortunately I don't have SoundCloud and it would be great if I could use my Google account hey Google music that would be great Well done!!

Loved it on iPhone but it keeps crashing on android which is very frustrating as it a very good app Works perfectly

The free version stops after playing two tracks, if that was fixed would give a five... Superb!


Rad! !!!!!! All the chicks dig me now that I can press buttons and make the sweet music. . Cool

There is only one big thing low bars are not working...only High and Mid works and that sounds too bad...fix it please... Muito bom!

I LOVE IT SOO MUCH. I only had an issue here and there. But it was solved by uninstalling then reinstalling the app. Pretty good

this ijust a really, really, REALLY awesome app.eith all of the features it includes, I can tell that ALOT of work went into it's development. hands down the best of it's class. Worth it!

I like the app, but after a recent update, i cant continue editing my tracks after saving them. Please fix this bug because there is nothing more annoying then not being able to finish what you started. Worth a go!

Like the big boys onley smaller :) Best DJ app out there . I love it :) Makes a grate backup or a replacement. Song recommendations would be really nice to add. Fantastic

Its ok I guess. Like it's not bad (if you buy the stuff) but whenever I try and continue editing my mixes, if they're over about 30 seconds long, it just makes static. However, when I play them, they're fine. I can't finish what I'm doing and it's really annoying. If this gets fixed/fixes itself I will edit my review. One thing that would be nice though is if I could choose where my mixes are saved in my device cause when I leave the app I can't find them. Other than that it's a really good app and I would recommend it 100%. Awesome

Dj ed vinyl for years then stepped away but have found this perfect as a step into digital mixing Recommend

Everything you need to DJ and more! The SoundCloud live stream support makes it a great deal. Amazing!

It is OK but for the effects I should be able to use the regular ones without have to buy any Worth it!

Actually like this more than virtual dj that i have on my computer. Very easy 2 use and mix with love it

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