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Very good app.. did have to go watch a video on other site..but came right back here..ty Marvelous

Really like the app. Finally one place with a lot of stitches with names and photos. One way to improve: it would be nice to add stitches to your favourites Cool

I'm new to crocheting and this app is helping me bunches! I love all the different patterns that you can make! Must have

Thanks I really didn't know some of these stitches. It really helps, I should be doing some shortly Great!

Very helpful. Though it needs to be upgraded. For a newbie like me,the chart need to point the beginning and number of chains to be made and multiple of stitches should be shown. love it

Good, but could be better if there were videos along wih the patthers. Sometimes it's confusing to read and more visuals would be great. Enjoy it!

I really appreciate this app and find all the stitches explained out very well. I can't wait to use some of these other stitches in my future projects. Flawless

This is an excellent library of crochet stitches, which is exactly what it says it is. I was a bit disappointed, because I'm looking for a good source to learn crochet basics, but once I get my basics down, I'll come back to this app. Omg

very nice patterns for the crocheting people who want ideas on a new project. didn't see and projects here just the different stitches. Recommend

Out of all the apps they have for crochet this is one of the best. I opened it up and I was wowed. I was not disappointed at all like all the other apps. Well done. Good

I love the variety of patterns. I do wish they all had a written pattern available, thus the 4 stars instead of five. Just wow

Love it and very helpful for those of us that need a reminder of how to do a stitch if not done in awhile. :) download it you'll love it too Omg

My wife and I crochet together and while she is more experienced than me we both love this app because it is the best at getting an image to see how the stitch would turn out and the diagram instructions as well as written instructions. It would be cool if they added diagrams to all stitches. Looking forward to seeing more added in the future. Brilliant

I'm a newbie at Crocheting, I enjoy the vast variety of stitches, still struggle with the so said easy magic ring. Of course practise or repretition is the key. Yet some stitches come easy for me but the magic ring just is frustrating me. Your app is perfectly giving a 5 star for presentation and pic with the diagram. Thank you Enjoy it!

Can you please demonstrate what each stitch is. The half double crochet is one that I don't know if I am doing right. Great!

Best app i have deleted all the others dont even look for other apps you have found the best one Fabulous!

A really good app. Simple to use. I do think all patterns should have a diagram and written instructions. It would be nice to add some stitches (I could contribute if you need help) and would be nice also to have a section for granny squares. And ways to join. But the premise and ease of use of this app I do love it! wow lol

It's a great app. However it's not for begginers. You have to take your time to understand the diagrams and patterns but overall it's good Good

More patterns please! Love the app. Very useful and the instructions are easy to follow. Works perfectly

Good for me to use.. and it would be even better if every stiches have diagram and writting pattern.. Not bad

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