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This app is amazing. It is the ultimate organizer for a fiber artist of any kind. Keep inventory of both yarn and hooks. Also has a timer u can u when working on a specific project. This is perfect for me since I sell my products. It helps me calculate the price of each item. And u can safe where u are and pick up anytime. Also allows u to name each project ur working on and keeps ur place on all of them AMAZING. Must have

The free version is great and super helpful!!! I ended up buying the app. And i have to say I am not disappointed, its definitely worth buying!! This app really helps me organize my projects and keep track of my stitches and rows when I'm working with a pattern. I really like that I can have multiple counters for one project and that I can assign a counter their own section of my pattern!! Enjoy it!

love the multiple row counters. exactly what I required. I like that you can rename them to a specific task and choose whether or not to lock to the main counter. I also like that the cost of upgrade is very affordable for a great experience without advertising Omg

This is a great app for crocheting! I love how easy it is to keep track of everything, including my yarn, hooks and all my projects! It is very helpful and very easy to use. I didn't hesitate to purchase the full version. Pretty good

I liked it so much, it's so helpful. Except... I can't upgrade it. Clicking on upgrade app does nothing. I hope that the developer fixes this issue so I can pay for the full version. Great job

Have only just started using the app and really like it! I have used basic row counting apps before however they are unable to count more than one set of rows at a time whereas this does up to four in each project. Ads are unobtrusive and I think I will soon purchase the full app Highly Recommend.

Love this app! It's a great place to store pictures of my projects to build a portfolio. Keep track of the different stitches I've learned. And the types of yarn with colors that I've been using. Also get lots of great ideas Muito bom!

I crochet A LOT! This app is such a life saver! And the fact that you can inventory your yarn and take a picture of it is amazing! I highly recommend it! love it

Wonderful app, I was extremely pleased and I believe this may be the best crochet or knitting app on the marketplace. I love the tools and the timer. Worth it!

I'm a beginner and this app helps me a lot. I can learn mew stitches! I love the added library, tool box, and the inventory. Everything is great, except for the kneedle sizes. Even with the conversion chart, it would have been more convenient if we could select our preferred system. I'm not from UK but we use the UK chart system here, so all our needles have UK numbers. It gets confusing when I add needles to my inventory in US size. If we could just have an option to change a few settings like that, it would be appreciated. Must have

It's a great app. Very helpful in keeping track of things, but there's so many adds. In the span of five minutes I'll close out of 10-15 adds. It's too much. Not bad

This is a really useful app! I especially like the quick go-to stopwatch that lets me measure exactly how long something takes, it helps me price stuff for etsy! Brilliant

Why 4 stars instead of 5? The inability to sync between devices. Add a multiple device option & ability to add multiple yarns to a project & I'll give it 5 stars! Not bad

Everything a crafter needs for reference in one organized place. Ads are only 5 seconds long and I'm willing to watch them to support the app builders. Amazing work! Good

VERY useful & easy app! Now, if it could only provide the yarn... Then it would be perfect! Just bought the upgrade & look forward to using the app's full functionality!... no ads, I hope. Awesome

Fantastic app, bought version I find to be better. Only reason its not 5* is that it offers a list option for 'planned projects' which os great, but there is no option to create a planned project or set one as planned Highly Recommend.

it won't let me view my pdfs and it's the only reason I downloaded this and bought the whole version please fix Go well

Just what I need to keep track of my in process projects. Love the stitch library and tutorials. Just an absolutely perfect app! Awesome

I like it, but what really bothers me is all the ads that pop up and fills the entire screen. I do not appreciate that at all. Pretty good

My new favorite app. I can't believe how much is available here! I love all the info that I am able to put about a project, there's a place for my yarn stash, and I can even upload PDFs. I was so impressed by how much was made available in the free version that I paid the $2.50 to upgrade. Thank you!! Highly Recommend.

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