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I love CS but.... It's really nice to have a port here for smartphones :) And unexpectedly nice port TY. But why when i want registrate i can't... When i registrate it will show me some blah blah symbols and i don't know when it's done or not... If i try it again it shows me "Nick already taken" when i waiting on email nothing when i want connect nothing... Tell me please what to do ??? Recommend

I love it but it keep on stopping and it will shutdown on it self. HEY DEVELOPER CAN YOU UPDATE THIS GAME PLSSSSS. CAN IT HAVE A LOTE OF NEW GUNS AND OTHER MAPS PLSSS. Flawless

I like Counter Strike. Please Help me, because I really like this game PLEASE HELP ME. I LOVE THIS APP(GAME), BUT SOME OF THE MAPS WON'T LOAD( like "RATS, CANDY, and other maps), and it lag sometimes, and when I buy other weapons the game would freeze for a while, and I would have to force quit the app and open it again, and then the game would continue again, and then I would already bought the app, and I'd continue to play. Please don't make me contact an email just to say say this again, but if you need further details then I will contact the developers for additional info Amazing!

Yahoo most awsomes game I ever play but yeah someone's right the older version is more nice that update.And can you make critical mission free and critical mission space I appreciat it I wont force you Superb!

Counter strike for your phone! Need I say more? Love this game cant wait for better phone. Still getting 60 fps on cheap 20$ android. Single player is great multiplayer needs work. Would love voice chat. All in all, best game that is compatible with most phones. Those well polished graphically centered fps cant compare to the smooth gameplay and replay value of this game. Perfect

Best MMOFPS Ever! The graphics is just like counter strike.Gameplay is addicting and amazing.Many weapons to choose from.Great game.When update,pls add more weapons like RPG and mines. Omg

NICE But I watch cs portable on YouTube their cs portable has different skin and much better gun graphics and effects,When I downloaded this one,the graphics of this cs portable is much different,the thing is Im not sure that is cs portable video I watch is pro version or something. Great!

Loved it!! Until yesterday: Error No Network Hi, I have been playing this game on my phone for the past month and it's been great. It occasionally froze etc but it was working fine. Since yesterday however it won't let me log in. It shows No Network connection. Java etc... I tried to make a new account, reinstalled it twice, tried a different phone (non rooted S2.) Still getting the same error. Fix this please, thanks! Rooted Galaxy S2 using Alpine ROM. Edit: working on new phone Worth a go!

Positive Its not that bad. I like a lot even its not the real deal. The only problem is is that its a little glitchy and we the players need some more weapons to have 1 more star. Well done!!

Premium fix I bought premium subscription and I played it for about a day. I got on the next day and I haven't been able to use premium since then. I really want premium back because I enjoy this game very much. If its not possible then I guess a refund would be expected. Please help!!!! love it

I like eating poop I love playing this while eating poop with my girlfriend, she likes to eat the rotisserie poop on a kebab stick slathered with liquidated poop. We like to eat at the diarrhea queen. But while we're eating I get really bored waiting for the waiter, so I have to play this game, it's very fun but I have a suggestion please add a poop function so that we can defecate on our enemies. Thank you. Not bad

It's really good It is truly a very good game but it has a lot of glitches... when I say a lot I mean 20 or so a map on average (I'm the type of person that has fun with these glitches so I don't really mind) if you're the type of person that wants a game that is perfect without glitches then I don't really recommend this but in my opinion it is great! MUST READ: although the game is great do not buy premium in game buy the premium app otherwise your premium subscription may disappear (annoyingly it happened to me) Enjoy it!

Nice game Add more maps. We do not die easily in this game, die with several bullets. Make it little bit tougher. You can make options"Easy/Medium/Hard". Thank You Surprisingly

Good game I like the game but i think it would be good to add some more guns like a dragunov or maybe like double glocks also it would be good to have some binoculars because in some battles it can become dificult to tell who is who at long range i cant tell you how much ammo I have wasted shooting at my own teammates. Overall I like the game just some ideas from my opinion for you guys to ponder on thanks. Pretty good

Good but Pc is better also when I made my multiplayer account and tried to login it wouldn't let me. Also could you consider increasing the number of bots allowed. I like to have wars. Also @Izzat Ifran it doesn't for me Highly Recommend.

Cs portable This a wonderfull game awsome graphics. The best part is multiplayer but please add new guns and in the near future please add custom gus like attachments and sexond dary guns things like that.THANK YOU FOR THE BEST GAME I KEEP PLAYING ON AND ON 247 Highly Recommend.

Okay tbh i really like this game i just cant stop playing that means i am so addicted. But can u add some more "imagination" to the game for example, skins? On any Android device. When i play on the computer it will display the skins, but then in the Android phone it is just the same thing. And add more guns and skins! Will rate it 5 stars. Brilliant

Great game and lots of potential!! I rated this only a 4 because this is definently great but has a few major problems me and my brother both have android devices me with a tablet and him with a phone and while playing offline we try to purchase weapons that we have enough money for and both of our games freeze PLEASE FIX!!!! Other than that i would of rated it a 5. Its basically CSGO.on you tablet or phone. Well done!!

Cool game but needs a little fixing I been playing this game for years and I really liked this game but there should be stuff to fix. 1:allow us to change our username please. 2:add a bit more guns(such as more pistols) 3:I like the new controls better then the old one but add a scope option on it (example-let us no scope on the sniper.Also add the other control options we use to have to the new controls. 3:make it easier to earn money on multiplayer.Please do the suggestions I would really appreciate that :) Superb!

ALL MUST READ THIS! I do miss the way it used to be due to the nice set up and HIGHLY ADVANCED settings. I like the new guns that were added especially the P90 which in my opinion is the best gun for all single level maps and some multi level maps. I have found i way to get the old settings back so that I have smooth look. You must make a server and put it on mobile only and go. Then, open menu and select "Server" and at the bottom press "More Settings." You will then see the old settings screen and be able to put on smooth, also when its on it stays on every server now. Keep in mind that setting that in the old version that you would have to select every time you enter a server will not work unless you are host and go into more settings to do so. In custom mode, in more settings the P90 is not anywhere to be found so you cant change its gun settings. Now for the MAIN PROBLEM, the whole "I can see you" thing that pops up after you die or get q kill and forces you out of the server is due to the fact that you are in a server that is not mobile only. The current solution for you mobile players, you must always when searching for a server have Mobile Only selected. Then the I can see you shouldnt happen. Worth a go!

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