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Love this app♡ wish it had the ability to upload your own images without a desktop computer, would definitely bump it to 5 stars if it had that Go well

Just like working on my laptop. Love that I can send it from phone to my explore air 2 machine! Pretty good

I like it so far. The main issue I have is that when I change my mat size to 12x24 it doesn't move the cuts to one mat. It still keeps them separated on two mats. Also, really wanted to be able to upload my images like the Apple app. love it

Would love to be able to upload my own images in the canvas. And is there anyway to download more fonts and cartridges? Marvelous

It's great for when you wanna start a project while your away from your computer. I've had no problems with it and I love it Awesome

Nice to play around with for something simple but is lacking so much for it to be very useful. love it

While I absolutely love the cricut app, the tablet version could could use a little work to make it more user friendly. There are some slight differences between the pc version and the mobile. Worth it!

This app makes it fun to design your craft projects. If you can't think of what you want to do they have great ideas to help you out. Flawless

I really wish the app catered to android devices. It would be nice to upload my own images to really creates the projects I have already created. Hope they can work on this fast I did just get my explore air 2 and want to get to using it for my side business! Thank you Worth a go!

I love the ease and convenience of this app. When inspiration hits, I can quickly plug my thoughts in, wherever I am. I can also make good use of those couple minutes here and there while juggling kids and work. Amazing!

It has its moments, but I like it. If I can't get to my computer, I can design from here. Not bad

Not for Android users! There are lots of options you don't get if you have android that you don't even realize until someone with iPhone let's you know. I spent hours trying to figure out how to upload pics, to fond out you can't with an android. It's so frustrating. Just wow

Wish it worked as well as iPhone version. I can't upload pictures from my note 8. Also can't remake simple name project from my computer on my phone because fonts not supported on my phone?!!! Highly Recommend.

Love my cricut design space. Let's you do so many things and now even on my phone. Good

App is ok but like others I wish we could upload our own images. Also frustrating that I can't open certain projects on my phone I created on my computer due to some fonts. I also wish the canvas was easier to zoom in and out of as well scrolling down/over. It's too hard to use. Cool

I was a little worried about the Android version of this app, but I'm happy I decided to give it a try. I haven't found it to be buggy or problematic. There is some of the functionality missing (uploading images) but for a mobile app, it's working very well. I have access to a desktop computer, so it works ok for me. Go well

So far I really haven't used it much as I wish there was a way to upload images to design center from my tablet. I have bad eyesight that is not easily corrected, so using my tablet is so much easier for me. As it is I have to had already uploaded any imagery I want to use via my laptop. But if that is a feature you will be adding, I'm all in!! Worth a go!

I wish it was comparable to the Apple version. Also, please make available on the kindle. Works perfectly

Best app used I with we would be able to download our designs please help make that happen I bought a laptop but I didn't know chrome didn't work with the app nor online Fantastic

Please Get this App out of Beta. Android users deserve more. We buy and use your products just the same. It could be so great! What's the hold up? Recommend

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