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Great game very enjoyable. Only problem it does not have a save function for when you are interupted Works perfectly

The game is fun but when you are playing it goes back a screen and then you lose the game Works perfectly

Cards randomizer a bit sketchy. Lots of big point hands dealt and it seems to be a gamble on the turn up card as to whether or not you guessed right. I've never gotten so many 12+ points in hands ever. Still fun though. Flawless

It works fine. It would be a little better if it slowed down a little while counting and better still if you could see the previous hand longer. Otherwise well done, up Awesome

Love this game, but sometimes it misses points. Would love to be able to pick up points the computer misses.. Works perfectly

Great visuals! All of what you want to see and no distractions. Glad I installed. Fantastic

I agree with other viewers as far as missing some of the flush points. I get new phones often and it sucks having to start all over. It should save one's progress. Great!

I agree this app deals the hands in a random order giving the game a natural feel Just wow

I like many of the features compared to other cribbage apps. HOWEVER there are errors in counting in flushes and runs. Perfect!

Good cribbage play, except... sometimes the cards randomly change size. Minor snag. Great!

More realistic than most cribbage games. Don't see the monster hands like alot of otber games. Well done!!

Realy good to play when the wifes shopping and im in the car tould one or two about it and they play it Omg

Pretty fun and fair cribbage app. If your going to have a coin system tho, put something in the shop worth buying. The muggins feature, manual card counting, and computers ability to score correctly need work also. Cool

Like it. Didn't count a couple of flushes. Wish it had a "help" and a "back/undo" button. Must have

Something wrong with the score system. I had 5 king Queen 8 suited and the flip was a 2 non suited. Should have been 10 points but I only got 6. It didn't count my flush.( This was main hand not the crib). Score system kinda sucks really. It either auto count that counts too fast to check or manual counting that is cumbersome with the option for turning on muggins that can only hurt you because the computer doesn't make mistakes. ( Unless it's counting your cards for you). Ads right in the middle of the game also. I guess the micro transaction don't pay the bills well enough. Not bad

Really love this game, esp. over the more popular cribbage game available. Would have given five stars but for the counting function. Ai did not properly count a 5 card flush that included a run and a couple 15's. Needs some work. Superb!

It's nice and simple not complex to get started. Computer plays well as an enemy . Overall great forme Omg

Very good. I am pleased that the deals seem to be genuinely random, as is the cut for the fifth card. I find playing most cribbage apps annoying as dozen hands and 24's are far too frequent. Enjoy it!

Enjoy had a friend named Joker in CC TX. back in 2002 teach me this game. Thanks Great!

Something is off in the logic. It sporadically misses counting the flush some of the time. It affects both players, so it's kinda fair, but it would be easier to play if it was at least consistent Go well

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