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I like that this app can sync to my Google calendar but my Jan schedule just came out and the app is not syncing properly and I have to go to flica to check my schedule.. can you please respond to my inquiry I sent through email. Also, when I have a deadheading flight it does not show it on the app.. although flica shows deadhead. Any way you can improve this? Thanks. Recommend

A decent app with the developers envisioning lots of functions (chat, meetup with other crew etc), but it still lacks some basics: there's no auto-update or roster change notification. Since there's a widget that keeps the app awake, it could be used to check on the roster periodically and notify the crew if there's a change. It would make the app perfect for me and I'd rate it 5 stars right away. Recommend

Can you add Sched+ and SkyWest Airlines? Then it will get a 5 star...otherwise it's unusable for over 4,000 pilots. Cool

Is there was way to change the pick up times and flight times to local time instead of just base or current location? Worth it!

Giving it a 4 stars now as I have noticed considerable improvement. Well done guys! Enjoy it!

Hello, I'm a long time user of your mcc pilot log and am wondering if you are able to add more airlines to this roster? I'm using this app currently with sabre flica of a Alaska airlines since my current airline is not on the list. Awesome

Though I had to download a new app in order to download my schedule since I use offline download, I love the app. It's a wonderful app and it has great potential to be the best crew scheduling app. The costumer service is wonderful. So thanks for all the support in figuring out my issue. Well done!!

Tried this app as a replacement for Droidaims that has become unusable for FlyBe staff without any sign of a fix. I have to say that overall I like it. It is far more functional than Droidaims and although I have had one or two problems, these have been dealt with promptly by support staff. However, it does lack an "automatic update" facility - a feature of droidaims that I really liked. If this were added then I would be tempted to give it 5 stars... Surprisingly

Good a to view schedule. I've enjoyed some of the extra features like weather at destination. Some improvements could be made to allow for specific adjustments based on company or country rules. Perfect!

Can't contact help desk, app crashes when I try (Android). Need to report a few bugs but no way to... UPDATE The facility to contact the help desk works fine now. Awesome

Since the update it keeps crashing. I can't log in to my company portal to check updates on my live roster it just crashes! Awesome

Using the app since it came out. There are some small bugs and if there is a big issue the team does their best to solve it as soon as possible. Amazing!

It has become unstable as of late, and today's update didn't help. It will crash when trying to print anything, as well as trying to contact help desk. So ironically I cannot get help with the crashes... Awesome

Can't contact help desk, app crashes when I try (Android). Need to report a few bugs but no way to... Go well

I paid twice for this program and it's still in demo mode.. sent feedback awaiting word on this being sorted out... 1 star till you get your act together.. sent 2 feedbacks now to the help on app and no reply yet Omg

I paid twice for this program and it's still in demo mode.. sent feedback awaiting word on this being sorted out love it

Good app. Latest versions have fixed some of the major bugs I previously had. Lots of functionality, some handy, some not. Easy to share roster with colleagues which is handy. Enjoy it!

Excellent app but after last update messed up turning all my flights into DP (simulator). Already contacted support for an answer. I hope they are faster than people are saying they are... Perfect!

It does not sync correctly with my calender. It displays an OFF day and a Duty on the same day. After numerous emails to crewCONNECT with no response I will resort to using rosterbuster! Great!

There's no chat with other airliners sometimes doesn't update with the changes... Go well

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