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First person I actually liked the template which is there in paper.... Hope u succeed my wishes are with you and hope that you have something more innovative in future. Perfect!

Arvind Shinde Very user friendly App n nice varieties. Specially cremeville icecream has new n good flavours Pretty good

Love the app, easy to navigate, awesome.... Design, dynamically adjusted all the products Brilliant

Innovative Idea One of the best Application to order Ice creams in Pune....Features & order flow is too good ! Awesome

Nice app Idea is innovative and will attract audience soon because everyone needs to taste Amazing!

Great app! In the middle of the sweltering summer heat, got ice cream and cake delivered home effortlessly. Now a regular! Omg

Wowwww app for Ice cream, chocolate pastries If you have craving for Ice creams chocolates .. Go for this app.. Will definitely fulfill your desires ! Go for it ...good service ! love it

Loving app Jst love dis app..I think jst made for me & a vry nice app for all ice cream lovers.... Works perfectly

I really love it..... Ice creams at door step..... Nice to see lot if brands at one go.... All the best team.... Great!

Works like a charm. It was a pleasant experience to order my Baskin Robins ice cream and get them all home delivered. The Corona Cheeses are really superb too. Where were you all this while CREMEVILLE?? I RECOMMEND!! Just wow

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