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Good time killer Would recommend for the bored and not bored good to past time very good graphics easily hooked lol Omg

Good game but it needs a revenge button once someone has attacked you and also put a limit on attacks you get on a other layers base this stops people just constantly attacking you finally I have a idea of a new base defense that is barbed wire that affects only infantry units not tanks or scorchers also you can then have a new troop wire cutters which cut wires but are like riflemen and carry a rifle to attack base buildings wow lol

WHY!!! Plz fix this! When I'm a playing there is a tier higher than me or less it not fair I have to play with stronger tanks than me. Or not fair for the ones who are a tier less fix this please I'm tired of this. Highly Recommend.

Just fine The new update is not ok at all it has a issue in deadmine only 50attacks. And it lags and there is only function to get coins thats also Brilliant

Wonderful game Love it me and my buddy play non stop with my is-4 and his leopard 1. For all the people with complaints about lagging it is because your phone is old or has small data because I had a iPhone 4 and all I had was lags but ever since I got this new lgg4 now I never get lags and run 60+ fps at all times since the new phone I have had no problems with this device. Muito bom!

Very addicting game. However, can't login to play since this morning. The game is stuck after Get account information successful. If click the login button again, it says switching players automatically but does nothing too. Please fix it. Not bad

Wait times for support lengthy. Good game, great game play, however wait times for support from GMs and MODs are insanely long. 48 hours with no reply from a MOD and 24 with no reply from a GM. Not sure when I'll be receiving a reply but I hope it's soon or I'll have to report to Google. Edit 2: I have contacted MOD but I am now waiting for 48 hours without a resolution. It makes me not want to spend more money on the game. Enjoy it!

They need to add hero attributes in this game for developing, resources and military for defending and attacking Great!

Very good I loved everything until I got disconnected and could not login anymore. Whats up ? Any clarifications ? Perfect

Easy to learn and fun to play. Only problem is the design for gold, to get anywhere you have to buy ingame money after you get to the 3rd level. Marvelous

Needs more attention with level matching.. Keep being raided by people 12 lvls above me. Think there should be a plus/minus cap like 5 lvls below you and above. Some upgrades are to hard to farm when people so high keep taking your resources... Great job

Great game,issue with collect button's above quarry,sawmiill,ironmill and residents seems to be after the last update, would also like to be able to get revenge on people who have attacked me also not a level playing field can't keep my resources for upgrade as I am always attacked by a higher level player I'm lv37 attacked by lv43 and above leaves me now way to upgrade my Hq unless I pay NOT HAPPENING!!!!! 5 star

Thank you for finally fixing my issue. Great game overall but it takes forever to get issues solved, especially if it isn't affecting any other people in the game. Works perfectly

Need new update I prefer new character and more of mega crab stuff so that huge amount raid we can do, upgrade become slower and difficult after 40 experience, i have shortage of wood and stone which is the key to upgrade, greater experience player raid my base, eg my experience is 41 i am getting raided by 50 s and 49 or more experience, is it fair,we should have our level of people, please fix this i will give 5 star Fantastic

Pretty fun but... It would be nice if there were more ways to get prototype pieces. I always feel like I'm struggling to get one more specific piece. love it

Bug I'm not saying that this game is sham, it is a very awesome game but there is a bug that occurs every time I start the game, it says"Unfortunately Champions has stopped" and goes back to the main screen of my tablet.... it is lenovo tablet and I think the bug is occurring only in my tab but if their is happening with many users then this should be clarified by Kabam... Please fix it and it would become five star game for me.... Well done!!

UPDATED: Buyers Beware I put a ticket in because I did not get delivery from a purchase. Although I had in game name and order number in the ticket, they asked me for in game name, date of purchase, time of purchase, order number, amount of purchase and a print screen of the purchase. If you do a print screen why do you need to repeat the information? Since I had 2 tickets in, they told me to stop putting tickets in or they will delay answering my tickets. After 2 days they closed the ticket without giving me a refund or delivery of purchase. Don't buy anything because you will be scammed. UPDATE: They sent me my Superb!

Best game i have ever played Graphics: great! Mechanics: easy to understand! story: great but a bit of tweaking wouldn't hurt. Glitches: only one, on the first mission where you have to destroy the mecs, it is a bit glitchy so you have to re-load the checkpoint... the sergeant won't stop talking over and over again Awesome

Great game I love that you really don't need the free to play aspects of the game to enjoy. I do wish however there was a set price to fully unlock the game to enjoy the story.overall it's a great game addictive and worth my time. 5 stars Go well

I've already tried 7x and used all my gold, but still no luck. To make matters even worse, I get heroes I already have. Worth a go!

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