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I think that the girls or boys who wants to become a dentist this game is best for them. Love this game very much Worth a go!

I think this is a really cool game for those who would like to be a dendist when their older , love it

this is a veryy good game because my child learn that which is 4 years old that we should brush our teeth regualy if we will not brush our teeth will be of cavity teeth . Just wow

It's just OK ..... Neither good nor bad ... Playing it becomes boring after sometime ...... Omg

Add something more to it otherwise this is a type of app I do when I am board it's an ok app 5 star

Very nice and cool and funny and but the girls or boys are not crying why Great!

It's not so good and not so bad.but I want to know that is the toothpaste we make is really good for health or not. Anyways it's a good time killer Enjoy it!

I think this game is fun for kids like me smart, interest, and has a great since of Hummer if u are like me u probably should get this game Well done!!

Cute game. Typically to give a rating about a game, you need sometime to actually play it. From the moment it starts it constantly asks you over and over again to rate it. Would have given a 5 *, but that is so annoying. Good

Crazy dentist I love how you make the toothpaste. Its also kinda funny to I Rilly like the game and I hope you like it to! Enjoy it!

Miner bugs I can't play any more because girl one I can't use the funny gas that's what I think it is Works perfectly

Xray idea but there should probably know about And the new York NY and the new one of the this email address is to do something similar situations where Go well

Very nice game It is good for small kids . They learn many things to do if they want to be dentist in there future Surprisingly

Kind of They tell you what to use it is like it is not my dentist.But the good thing is that it is fun. Works great

Keeps asking me . I like the game but it keeps asking me to rate this game and I pressed Later and in the next few seconds it asks me again so finally I do it love it

Isaiah It help for little kids to know what do when they going to be a dentist Great!

Great game love it is good for the children because it persuades them to brush their teeth and keep their teeth clean i wouldn't know that if i did not try this game and remember to download this.please download this game. Muito bom!

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